Guidance and Definitions for a HPAI Incident

Permit Requirements for Control Areas

Movements of eggs, semen, live birds (including exotics and pets), bird carcasses, and poultry products (including byproducts such as feathers and manure) from HPAI control areas into Indiana must meet all entry requirements and be accompanied by a pre-approved permit. Permits must be obtained from the State Veterinarian of the state-of-origin after specific testing and/or biosecurity requirements are met.

If your premises is in a control area in Indiana, a permit is required to move poultry and poultry products (including eggs, feathers, litter and meat). To request a permit email BOAH at: or call BOAH at: 317-544-2400.

Health requirements for poultry entering Indiana

Surveillance Testing (wild birds)

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is sampling wild birds across the state. An interactive map with wild bird test results is available at:

Response Zones

Click here for details about affected areas, including quarantines and movement restrictions.


USDA Trade/Export information