2016 Southeast Indiana Bovine TB Situation Update


May 20, 2016: Franklin County Bovine TB Investigation

August 16, 2016: Bovine TB Found in Wild, White-tailed Deer

August 29, 2016:  BOAH Presentation for Franklin Co Meeting

December 27, 2016: New Bovine Tuberculosis-Positive Herd Identified

January 6, 2017: Bovine TB Program Enters Next Phase: Great Progress Means Scaled-Back Plans

States with known restrictions on Indiana cattle, verify requirements before movements for all states, as this list could change: WI, MO, ND.

26 October 2016: Wisconsin Eased Testing Requirements for Indiana Cattle
Effective immediately, as authorized in Wis. Adm. Code Chapter ATCP 10.07, Wisconsin State Veterinarian Paul McGraw, DVM has eased testing requirements for cattle and bison being imported into Wisconsin from Indiana. All cattle and bison from the counties, Franklin, Fayette, Union, Rush, Decatur, Ripley and Dearborn will continue to need a negative TB test within 60 days of import into Wisconsin. Cattle and bison from anywhere else in Indiana may be imported without any TB testing. More information will be available on the Wisconsin web site at: https://datcp.wi.gov/Pages/Programs_Services/CattleIN.aspx.

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Contract Veterinarian List

These veterinarians have contracts with BOAH to test cattle for bovine TB in Southeast Indiana's bovine TB surveillance testing zone.

Herd Testing Information

Questionnaire for cattle herds in the testing area: www.in.gov/boah/2797.htm

Please complete this questionnaire if you have cattle in the surveillance testing area.

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