Meat Inspector

Job Description

This position serves as a Meat Inspector of assigned slaughter and/or processing plant(s) that hold a Grant of Inspection and/or a Grant of Exemption issued by the Meat and Poultry Division (MPI) of the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH).  Incumbent is responsible for implementing the provisions of the Indiana Meat and Poultry Inspection; Humane Slaughter Act and the rules and regulations promulgated there under.  Incumbent is responsible for assuring the production of safe, unadulterated, properly labeled meat and poultry products produced in their assigned establishment(s) using sound principles of food public health and food safety.

Incumbent reports to the Area Supervisor (MIS-2) of his/her assigned geographic area.


  • Performs antemortem and postmortem (AM & PM) slaughter inspections in MPI Official  Establishments

  • Inspects, evaluates, and verifies establishments comply with humane handling, non-ambulatory animal, and slaughtering regulatory requirements

  • Inspects slaughtering procedure and verifies carcasses comply with HACCP zero tolerance and BSE specified risk material [SRM] requirements

  • Verifies the assigned plant(s) Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and pathogen reduction programs comply with the regulations

  • Properly identifies and collects samples for animal disease control programs as prescribed from designated animals presented for slaughter

  • Evaluates and verifies the plant's handling procedures, formulations, and production of meat and poultry products comply with the plant's SSOP and HACCP plans

  • Conducts re-inspection of carcasses, meat products (during processing and in storage), and returned product for proper identification or labeling, evidence of mishandling, contamination or adulteration

  • Monitors and evaluates pest control programs

  • Evaluates the acceptability of all chemicals and ingredients used in the processing of meat or meat products

  • Checks products for proper labeling and stamping, reviews and assists in the submission of label applications to central office

  • Maintains prescribed files and records pertaining to assigned work

  • Prepares and submits required records and reports in an accurate and timely manner

  • Assists in the training of other inspectors and agency personnel

  • Collects, properly identifies, and maintains a chain of custody of samples as required

  • Submits timely accurate reports of the performance of all aspects of the Public Health Inspection System(PHIS)

  • Maintains a professional appearance and attitude

  • Performs additional work/duties/tasks as required

Preferred Experience

Minimum of a High School Diploma with two (2) years work experience in a retail or wholesale meat and/or poultry slaughtering and/or processing establishment as a slaughterer and/or processor or related skill; or as a meat/poultry inspector.

  • At least six months of experience as a meat inspector in a state or federal food safety program or more than one year of experience in the meat processing industry

  • Knowledge of ante mortem/postmortem inspection techniques and the proper use all issued inspection equipment

  • Knowledge of SSOP, HACCP, PHIS and sanitary dressing procedures for assigned plants

  • Knowledge of normal and common variations of behavior, physiology, and anatomy of livestock animals

  • Knowledge of, and the ability to interpret and apply federal, state and local laws, regulations and procedures regarding slaughter, cutting, processing, curing and labeling of meat and meat products

  • Knowledge of aseptic technique; some knowledge of meat and meat product formulation and processing as well as the ability to calculate correct proportions of ingredients used in processing meat

  • Knowledge of procedures for collecting samples with potential to testify in court cases as an expert witness

  • Ability to observe and recognize potential adverse sanitation conditions and law violations and prepare reports documenting findings

  • Ability to tactfully communicate, verbally and in writing, with individuals or in group situations for problem solving purposes

  • Ability to obtain a valid driver's license and to perform moderate to extensive travel with reliable transportation

  • Minimum of High School Diploma or GED with preferred experience with meat cutting, working with livestock (4H) or farming


The State of Indiana offers a comprehensive benefit package which includes:

  • Medical / Dental / Vision plans

  • Health Savings Account available - with Employer Contribution

  • Prescription Coverage

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Employer-funded Retirement Plan

  • Deferred Compensation Plan with Employer Match

  • Flexible Spending Account

  • Work/life balance: 24 Paid Days Off and 12 Holidays, per year

  • Group Life Insurance

  • Qualified Employer for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

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Equal Employment Opportunity

The State of Indiana is an Equal Opportunity Employer.