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Commercial Poultry

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Indiana's diverse poultry industry directly contributes over $4.25 billion annually to the state's economy and provides more than 7,000 jobs.

Indiana Poultry Production Data

Consumer Information

Shell Eggs from Farm to Table, USDA

Turkey from Farm to Table, USDA

Chicken from Farm to Table, USDA 

Duck and Goose from Farm to Table, USDA

Indiana Poultry Entry Requirements

Will you be purchasing birds from another state?

Click here for Indiana's bird entry requirements.

Permits For Moving Poultry Products

Click here for product specific movement requirements for permitted movement.

Keep Your Birds Healthy

Biosecurity means doing everything you can to keep your birds free from disease. "Bio" refers to life, and "security" indicates protection. Biosecurity is the key to keeping your poultry healthy. It is what you do to reduce the chances of a disease being introduced to your birds by people, animals, equipment, or vehicles.

For more information on biosecurity for birds go to: USDA Biosecurity for Birds.  

Health & Disease Information


The Indiana Egg Board registers individuals and companies to sell eggs. For more information visit the egg board's website at: www.ansc.purdue.edu/iseb/ 

FDA Guidance Documents and Regulatory Information

Indiana Law on Egg Sales IC 16-42-11

Egg Products Inspection Act

Poultry Links

Purdue University Poultry Resources