Application for Indiana Aquaculture Pre-Entry Permit - SF 53488
Companion Animal
Commercial Dog Breeder and Broker Program Registration  SF 54051
Registration of Animal Care Facilities

Application for Bulk Milk Hauler/Sampler Permit - SF 1242
Application for Permit to Handle Milk or Milk Products - SF 36560
Application to Install or Modify a Milking System - SF 54101
Dairy Farm Application for Permit to Sell Raw Milk for Pasteurization - SF 38018
Bulk Route Permit Application - SF 50907 
Producer Farm Status Change PDF fill-in 
Laboratory Survey Forms

Indiana Exhibition/Event Notification Online Fillable Form 
Indiana Exhibition/Event Notification Form for Event Managers PDF

ID Program
Indiana Premises Identification Registration
Application for Business/Farm Account Premise ID - SF 52009

Animal Welfare / Dead Animal Complaint Form
Application for Disposal Plant License - SF 48563
Application for Livestock Brand Registration - SF 550
Application for Livestock Dealer License - SF 18496
Bond Required of Livestock Market Facilities and Dealers Under IC 15-17-14 - SF 50233

Meat & Poultry
Meat/Poultry Dealer Registration - SF48829

Market Swine Inspection - SF4848

Indiana State Board of Animal Health Supply Form
Official Identification Record-Keeping spreadsheet (excel)
Official Identification Record-Keeping spreadsheet (pdf)