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Bulk Milk Trucks & Haulers

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Milk produced on dairy farms is transported in bulk quantities to the processing facilities in large-volume trucks that are filled on the farm sites. These trucks are inspected regularly to verify that they are cleaned properly and well-maintained to protect the integrity of the milk as it's shipped.

Haulers, who drive the bulk milk trucks, are trained and tested on a regular basis to be sure they know proper cleaning and sanitation protocols, as well as understand how to collect samples properly.

Bulk Milk Route/Truck Permit

Bulk Milk Route/Truck Permit Application (State Form 50907

  • Permits expire annually - December 31 every year
  • Who needs this permit?
    • Any bulk milk pickup truck/tanker used to transport bulk raw milk for pasteurization from a dairy farm to a milk plant, receiving or transfer station.
    • Any bulk milk pickup truck/tanker used to transport bulk milk product to and from dairy processing plants.
    • Any truck picking up manufactured grade milk cans for delivery to manufactured grade processing plant.

Requirements for the Route/Truck Permit

  • Submission of application form
  • Satisfactory inspection of bulk truck tank and appurtenances by BOAH personnel

Bulk Milk Hauler/Sampler Permit

Bulk Milk Hauler/Sampler Permit Application (State Form 1242

  • Permits expire every 2 years in conjunction with inspection date
  • Who needs this permit?
    • Anyone who collects samples and may transport raw milk from a farm and/or raw milk products to or from a milk plant, receiving station or transfer station.
    • Any industry field representative collecting official raw milk farm samples.
    • Any farm personnel collecting raw milk samples from their farm milk supply (i.e. direct load farms, farmstead processors).

Requirements to Be a Milk Hauler

  • Submit online application
  • Review study materials
  • Complete and pass the online exam
  • Successfully complete an on-site inspection by BOAH personnel of hauling/sampling procedures

Note: After successful permitting by BOAH, haulers/samplers need to contact the Indiana Creamery License Board to obtain their permit.  They may be reached at Creamery License Division, Purdue University; http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/cld/.

Milk Hauler Study Materials

Training Videos

Bulk Milk Hauler Training Classes

Contact the BOAH Dairy Division at: 317-544-2391 for information.