Foot and Mouth Chart & Key

Foot and Mouth Disease What Happens Chart


Indiana State Board of Animal Health
Revised: April 2001
Contact: Denise Derrer, Public Information Director, 317/544-2414; email:

NOTE: During an animal health emergency in Indiana, events will progress quickly and often simultaneously. This key describes the progression of events illustrated in the "What Happens?" chart. Each stage of events is indicated by a color change in the points on the flow chart.

  1. (light blue) Suspect Case Activates Indiana's Preparedness and Response to Emergency and Emerging Diseases Plan (PREED)

  2. (dark blue) Confirmed Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) Diagnosis

  3. (light green) State Veterinarian Declares an Animal Health Emergency Governor Issues Emergency Declaration Site(s) Quarantined by BOAH

  4. (dark green) Board of Animal Health Promulgates Emergency Rules Epidemiology Begins State Emergency Management (SEMA) Launches Support Effort to BOAH President/U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Declares Emergency

  5. (orange) Impact Zones Identified USDA Activates the full Regional Emergency Animal Disease Eradication Organization (READEO) to assist continuing BOAH efforts in quarantine, epidemiology, etc.

  6. (brown) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Support Functions Activated Euthanasia and Disposal of Condemned Animals Begins

  7. (red) USDA Initiates Compensation Program Cleaning and Disinfection of Sites

  8. (purple) Recovery Begins