Dairy Licenses

Permits to operate any dairy operation in the state must be obtained from the Board of Animal Health at (317) 544-2391. Questions can also be directed to BOAH via email at animalhealth@boah.in.gov. Listed below are the permits that may be obtained from the Board of Animal Health Dairy Division.

  1. Grade A Milk/Milk Products Processor
    This license is issued to any facility that processes Grade A raw milk into a Grade A finished dairy product.

  2. Manufactured Milk Products Processor
    Issued to any facility that processes or manufactures finished dairy products such as ice cream and cheese.

  3. Transfer Station
    A transfer station is any establishment where bulk raw milk is transferred directly from one truck to another.

  4. Receiving Station
    Raw milk is received, collected, handled, stored, cooled and prepared for further transporting at a receiving station.

  5. Wash Station
    An establishment, separate from a milk plant, receiving station or transfer station, where milk tank trucks are cleaned and sanitized for Grade A use.

  6. Manufacturer of Singe Service Products
    Manufactures single-use containers, closures and/or fitments for Grade A dairy products.

  7. Milk and Milk Products Distributor
    Any non-processing establishment that handles, stores or distributes milk and milk products for wholesale distribution.

  8. Permit to sell Grade A Raw Milk for Pasteurization
    Issued to Grade A dairy farms for the production of raw milk, which is intended for pasteurization and further processing.

  9. Bulk Milk Hauler
    Issued to a person who collects official raw milk samples from farms and may transport raw milk from a farm to or from a milk plant, receiving station or transfer station.

  10. Route/Truck Permit
    Issued for the operation of a bulk milk route or can milk route.