Non-Residents of Indiana


A person who is a non-resident of Indiana may voluntarily apply for an Indiana certificate of title by surrendering their out-of-state certificate of title or by providing proof of ownership for an off-road vehicle (ORV) or snowmobile


A person who is not a resident of Indiana must obtain an Indiana registration if either of the following conditions apply:

  • The ORV or snowmobile is not registered in the non-resident’s state of residence and will be operated in Indiana (however, registration is not required for an ORV or snowmobile if the owner qualifies for and has obtained a valid “Motorized Non-Resident DNR ORV Permit” issued by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – see description below).
  • The ORV or snowmobile is registered in the non-resident’s state of residence by will be operated in Indiana for more than twenty (20) days within one year.

A “Motorized Non-Resident DNR ORV Permit” may be purchased through the DNR if the ORV or snowmobile is from another state, is not registered in that state, is owned by a non-resident of Indiana, and will only be operated on designated trails and properties owned or managed by the DNR. If the operator obtains a “Motorized Non-Resident DNR ORV Permit” through the DNR, a certificate of registration issued by the BMV is not required unless the ORV/snowmobile will be operated outside of the designated DNR locations. See this page for more information.