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The Indiana Auditor of State participates in social networking sites in order to promote activities, events and information regarding Indiana’s finances. Our goal is to share ideas and information with as many individuals as possible.

By clicking the link below, you will be taken to a Web service that is not owned by the State of Indiana and has different privacy and security policies. The State of Indiana is not responsible for, and does not endorse, guarantee or monitor content, availability, viewpoints, products or services that are offered or expressed on non-IN.gov portal websites.

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Social Media Policy - Please read carefully!

The Indiana Auditor of State’s social media accounts are monitored by agency staff in an effort to promote department activities, events, and information regarding Indiana’s finances. The Indiana Auditor of State’s goal is to timely and efficiently share ideas and information with its Hoosier constituents regarding the primary duties of the Auditor of State including: accounting for all of the State's funds; overseeing and disbursing county, city, town, and school tax distributions; paying the State's bills; paying the State's employees; administrating the State of Indiana Deferred Compensation Plan; and maintaining the Indiana Transparency Portal. The Indiana Auditor of State’s policy is to accept the majority of comments made to the agency’s social media accounts with some exceptions (see below).

  • Content posted on the Indiana Auditor of State’s social media accounts becomes a public record.
  • Indiana Auditor of State staff monitors its profiles and pages but is not responsible for content, generated by users. Posted content does not necessarily represent the views of the agency. The agency’s profiles and pages may contain links to other websites on the Internet. This does not constitute an endorsement by the Indiana Auditor of State.
  • The Indiana Auditor of State’s office reserves the right to remove any content from its social media accounts.

Please do not post content containing:

  • Personal identifying information,
  • Financial information,
  • Intellectual property,
  • Confidential information,
  • Political campaign related content,
  • Advertising material, or
  • Profanity.

Content whose main purpose is to market a product or service will also be removed.

The Indiana Auditor of State’s staff will answer questions posted by users as time permits. Those seeking answers to questions must be cautious of answers provided by non-agency staff as the information may not be correct. Users with an immediate or urgent inquiry should contact the Indiana Auditor of State at (317) 232-3300.

Information shared on this site is not intended as financial advice or a final rule for legal situations. Refer to http://www.in.gov/auditor/ for specific concerns regarding laws, finance and regulations. There may be specific subjects—such as litigation, legislation, licensing processes, or administrative rule changes—which we will not discuss in social media outlets.

When interacting with other users or followers, please be civil and follow the usage guidelines established by the social networking service. Repeated violations of the Indiana Auditor of State’s comment policy may cause the user or follower to be blocked from agency-sponsored social media pages or platforms.

The Indiana Auditor of State understands that social media platforms and profiles are a 24 hour-a-day; seven-day-a-week media information and engagement tool, however, the agency’s monitoring capabilities are generally limited to the hours of agency operation.

Indiana Auditor of State’s staff may not see every inappropriate comment immediately, and is trusting in the maturity of the user community to ignore personal attacks and negative speech or respond politely. To advise the Indiana Auditor of State’s staff of a user violation of the above policy, please email comments@auditor.in.gov or phone (317) 232-3300.

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