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Plan Announcements and Events

As the Plan Sponsor for Hoosier START, the Auditor of State is excited to announce Nationwide has become the third-party administrator for the Plan.  All participant accounts and investments became available on the Nationwide online platform on April 11, 2022. Review the State of Indiana Transition Guide for more details.

Did you miss the transition webinars in March

and April? Nationwide will be hosting an additional series of live-event webinars for participants over the next few months. Visit www.HoosierSTARTnationwide.com or click here to register.

  • April 27 – Investing and Asset Allocation
  • May 4 – Women and Investing
  • May 11 – Healthcare/Medicate in Retirement
  • May 25 – Social Security
  • July 13 – Approaching Retirement

Meet with a Representative

Nationwide is currently lining up local representatives around the state to serve our participants. If you are interested in meeting with yours for a one-on-one virtual meeting, email MitchK9@nationwide.com to setup.