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Attorney General

Complex Litigation

The Complex Litigation Division represents the State of Indiana in high profile and often multifaceted investigations and litigation in both state and federal courts. In furtherance of those matters, Complex Litigation works closely with other State agencies, States and office divisions to best advocate for Hoosiers. While not limited to one substantive subject matter area, Complex Litigation matters typically involve issues of unsettled law, large number of impacted individuals or damages, or issues of particular importance to the State of Indiana. Complex Litigation is unique in that it litigates and represents the State of Indiana sometimes on a nation -wide basis. In addition, Complex Litigation offers assistance to other Divisions regarding special cases that have many layers and elements of litigation issues. Most recently, the Division has spearheaded Indiana’s cases against opioid manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies. Complex Litigation also has an employee who is responsible for training and use of the electronic discovery platform for the entire Office of the Indiana Attorney General.

Complex Litigation is headed by co-Directors, Betsy DeNardi and Cory Voight.