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Indiana Safe Students Initiative


The Indiana Attorney General's Office has a long-standing record of supporting programs that promote responsible alcohol consumption and combat underage drinking. Although the Attorney General’s Office can't provide legal advice or representation to the public concerning drunk driving and underage drinking, it is dedicated to preventing it.

Statistics show that while the prevalence of current alcohol use increases with age, the first use of alcohol typically begins around age 12. Age at onset of drinking strongly predicts the development of alcohol dependence over the course of the lifespan. About 40% of those who start drinking at age 14 years or underdevelop alcohol dependence at some point in their lives (Healthy People 2010: Substance Abuse).

It’s crucial we continue to reach out to our youth and educate them about this issue. The Attorney General’s Office is collaborating with The Century Council on the Indiana Safe Students Initiative to offer material and resources to help fight the battle against underage drinking and drunk driving.

The Council develops and implements innovative programs and public awareness campaigns and promotes action through strategic partnerships. The Century Council promotes responsible decision-making regarding drinking or non-drinking of beverage alcohol and discourages all forms of irresponsible consumption through education, communications, research, law enforcement, and other programs.

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