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Indiana Safe Students Initiative

Get Involved

If you are experiencing crisis call: 1.800.SUICIDE

How You Can Help Your:


  1. Use the LIFE model:
    • Listen to your friends when they need to talk about problems or thoughts of suicide.
    • Insist that they be honest with you.
    • Feelings, share them with each other.
    • Extend a helping hand and go with them to get a responsible adult involved to help.
  2. You must remember to TLR — Talk, Listen and Respond to your friends.
  3. Never keep a friend's suicidal thoughts to yourself. Get a responsible adult involved immediately and encourage your friend to get professional help at once. You must be willing to risk your friendship to save your friend.


  1. Talk to your guidance counselor about including suicide prevention curriculum lessons in the school program.
  2. Encourage your principal or guidance counselor to present a teacher staff development program for the whole faculty on the awareness and prevention of youth suicide.
  3. Use youth suicide awareness and prevention as a report topic and share what you learn with others.
  4. Lead a poster campaign about youth suicide prevention and display them in your school.
  5. Lead a letter-writing campaign to local and state legislators asking them to get involved in the awareness and prevention of the problem.


  1. Contact local churches and service organizations to let you share information about the problem of youth suicide.
  2. Contact the local mall about displaying posters about youth suicide prevention.
  3. Contact your local newspaper and encourage them to publish articles that inform the public about the problem and prevention of youth suicide.