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Attorney General

Law Clerkship Testimonials

Comments from Janis Leacock

Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX

Former Law Clerk – Complex Litigation

"Although law school prepares you for many of the theoretical aspects one will face as an attorney, working at the attorney general’s office has given me the hands-on skills that I will need in the near future. I have had the opportunity to put some of the skills that I have learned in the classroom to the test; from writing memos, and conducting discovery, to legal research."

Comments from Tim Schultz

Valparaiso University School of Law, Valparaiso, IN

Present Deputy Attorney General and former Law Clerk – Revenue Division

"I have improved my techniques for writing legal memos/responses when asked to research an issue. Aside from research, I was able to craft settlement letters, help prep for depositions, and was given entire case files to develop my own legal theories and approaches for future cases. If asked, I would tell my friends in law school that there is probably not a summer legal job where you will learn as much, or have as many responsibilities, as working here."

Comments from Cicely Harris

Howard University School of Law, Washington, DC

Former Law Clerk – Advisory Division

"There have been numerous opportunities to enhance my writing skills. The memos and opinions that I have written were challenging and increased my knowledge of statutory interpretation. Also, the government speaking engagements gave me a chance to see how working in the public sector might fit into my personal plans and the various opportunities that could follow."

Cicely has continued her career in the public sector in another state.

Comments from Akia Haynes

University of Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame, IN

Present Deputy Attorney General and former Law Clerk – Civil Rights & Employment Division

"I would tell my classmates that working at the attorney general’s office is an excellent opportunity not only to enhance their present legal research and writing skills but to learn practical legal skills in a friendly environment. The office provides a unique opportunity not only to practice skills which one has learned in law school but to have a real-world legal experience before entering the “real” legal world. I would love the opportunity to return to the AG’s office after graduation and feel that anyone who has the opportunity to intern here should do so."