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Attorney General

Law Clerkship Program


The Indiana Attorney General's Office has an extensive summer law clerkship program. Opportunities for those who want to be exposed to meaningful work include paid and pro bono positions, as well as part-time and full-time clerkships during the academic year. You will have tangible responsibilities, which will give you “real world” legal exposure.

The responsibilities will often mirror those of the deputy attorneys general, with some exceptions. Working closely with a specific deputy will allow you to truly experience the professional rigors of the position. You will be performing very meaningful work for the State of Indiana and its citizens, so we encourage you to ask questions. This will afford you the opportunity to learn and grow with us while providing the best service as a representative of the Attorney General's Office.

Much of the interviewing for these positions occur during the several job fairs we attend, as well as the on-campus interviewing conducted each fall. Our objective is to fill the majority of our positions by Thanksgiving for the following summer, although there may be positions available as late as spring for the following summer.

Professional Development

We feel confident that you will grow personally and professionally while being exposed to our law clerkship program. While your supervising attorney will be an arm’s length away, you will be empowered to perform legal work, which will aid the State of Indiana and its citizenry. In many areas of our office, you will “own” a caseload, enabling you to apply what you have learned by performing important work on relevant cases.

This experience may direct you further into the areas of law in which you will want to begin your career, or just as importantly, may steer you into another legal arena. Due to the nature of our office, we are involved in a wide array of legal matters and topics, which will provide you the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of areas of law. The clerkship program is not a rotational one, however. You will work in one section or division for an extended period prior to being eligible to transfer to another area that may have a vacancy. Regardless of the area of law, you will receive support, guidance, and experience that cannot be matched.