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Attorney General

Supporting Law Enforcement and Prosecutors

The Indiana Attorney General's Office is committed to supporting local law enforcement agencies and prosecutor's offices in their efforts to fight crime in the State of Indiana.

In some instances, this office can assist with criminal investigations and prosecution at the request of local officials. Investigators with the Attorney General's Office can assist with specialized matters such as identity theft, mortgage fraud, Medicaid fraud, tax evasion investigations, election fraud, and public corruption.

Deputy Attorneys General have a proven track record of assisting law enforcement and prosecutors in difficult areas of criminal law such as identity theft and mortgage fraud. In 2008 the office's Identity Theft Unit provided investigative, administrative, and legal assistance to law enforcement and prosecutors that resulted in 12 arrests for identity deception or related crimes, and an arrest warrant has been issued in another case.

Further, the Office's investigative work on the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force helped lead to an arrest under the federal cyber extortion statute. The suspect was in possession of a computer containing personal and health information of more than 900,000 persons from an AIG subsidiary in 2006 and later tried to extort AIG by threatening to release the information on the Internet.

Similarly, in the area of mortgage fraud, the Homeowner Protection Unit assisted the United States Attorney’s Office and the Marion and Hamilton County Prosecutor’s offices to pursue eight mortgage fraud prosecutions. Additionally, House Enrolled Act 1176 that took effect July 1, 2009, gives the Office more authority to sue those engaged in scams in the mortgage lending arena.