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Consumer Protection Division


Seniors and Law Enforcement Officials Making A Difference Together

Unfortunately, seniors are all too often victims of consumer fraud and scams. Those who have given so much to our society sometimes end up being the most vulnerable citizens. Triad is a unique and effective partnership between senior citizens and law enforcement officials designed to foster education and the prevention of consumer fraud while promoting safety issues. Triad is growing in numbers and enthusiasm across the state.

Triad is key in helping to prevent fraud and other crimes against seniors. An attorney general staff member has been designated to work with existing Triad groups and to help other interested counties start Triad programs.

There are currently 20 local Triad programs in Indiana involving 22 counties. The various programs, products, and services offered to Hoosier seniors have been successful across the board. Triads around the state host various programs to help educate seniors and provide them with consumer tips. Each Triad program is unique, offering different programs and ideas.

To view, the Triad directory click here.