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Consumer Protection Division

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I take Zoloft, but the strength I take is 25 mg, and the Web site lists only the 50 mg strength. Are they the same?
    No. Drugs can be prescribed in different strengths and quantities and prices will vary depending on the strength and quantity. The website only lists the prices of the most common strength and quantity for each drug as quantified by Indiana Medicaid reimbursement claims. If your strength or quantity is not listed, ask your pharmacy for the price of the strength and quantity that you take. Also, you may want to check with some of the pharmacies that have low prices for the strength and quantity listed on the website and ask them what the price is for the strength and quantity that you take.
  2. One of the drugs I take is not listed among the 50 drugs on the Web site. How can I find out more information about that drug?
    Ask your pharmacy for the pricing information for the drugs you take. Also, you may want to check with some of the pharmacies that have low prices on the other drugs you are taking and ask them what the price is for the drug that is not listed.
  3. When I went to one of the pharmacies listed on the Web site, the price they charged was not the same as the price listed on the Web site. Why is that?
    Prices for prescription drugs may change from day today. The prices on the Web site reflect the prices for a certain time period and may not be the price you find when you go to your pharmacy. The prices on the Web site, however, should provide you with a good basis to compare prices for certain drugs at pharmacies in your community.
  4. Even with the Web site, the prices for my drugs are still too high. Is there anything I can do about that?
    The Attorney General also offers a Prescription Drug Information page. This page offers links to various state and national programs designed to help consumers lower drug costs. In Indiana, the Family and Social Services Administration administers many of the pharmacy assistance programs. Click here to link to the FSSA Web site. The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration provide information and programs to a large array of Indiana consumers. Also, ask your pharmacy if they have discounts for seniors. Many pharmacies do.
  5. Doesn't Medicare have a prescription drug plan for seniors?
    Yes, Medicare offers prescription drug coverage to seniors who choose to participate. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you are eligible for Medicare prescription drug coverage, regardless of your income, health status, or current prescription expenses. For more information, a link to Medicare’s Web site at http://www.medicare.gov/ is provided.
  6. I searched the Web site and found lower prices for some of my drugs. Should I switch pharmacies?
    Not necessarily. Price is just one consideration. Your pharmacy may offer better and more personal service and you may have a good relationship with your pharmacist. If you prefer to remain with your pharmacy but other pharmacies may have lower prices, ask if your pharmacy will match the prices. Also, we strongly recommend you buy all your prescription drugs from one pharmacy. But, if you do purchase from more than one pharmacy, be sure to let the pharmacists know all the medications you are taking to reduce the possibility of a harmful drug interaction.
  7. My search results show a “No pharmacies found matching the criteria you entered” for the price of my drug. Does that mean my pharmacy doesn’t sell my drug?
    No. If you receive this message it means the pharmacy did not fill a prescription for that drug through the Indiana Medicaid Program during the time period. To obtain pricing information for that drug, please contact the pharmacy.

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