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Consumer Protection Division

Fraud Alert Program

Every day, Hoosiers lose money to frauds and scams. The Attorney General's Office offers a tool for Hoosiers to stay aware of the latest frauds to avoid falling victim. Consumers can sign up to receive fraud alerts by email or text message.

The consumer alert program works as an early warning system. Once you sign up, you will be alerted of frauds believed to pose a threat to Hoosiers with links to tips on how to avoid the scams and what to do if victimized.

The operation of scams today is increasingly more sophisticated causing millions of Americans and thousands of Hoosiers to fall victim to fraud every year. The office tracks fraud trends across the country on behalf of consumers because very few scams actually originate in Indiana. The office scans and monitors frauds from coast to coast to identify which pose the greatest threat to Hoosiers.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division coordinates with the Federal Trade Commission, National Association of Attorneys General, Better Business Bureau, and other consumer protection agencies to gain knowledge of scams occurring in other states in order to provide quick notice of the potential threat to Hoosiers.