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Consumer Protection Division

Charitable Solicitations Campaign Financial Chart

Under Indiana law, professional solicitors are required to submit to the Attorney General’s Office financial data for each solicitation campaign with a charitable organization not later than ninety (90) days after a solicitation campaign has ended. Additionally, professional solicitors must also submit campaign financial data to the Attorney General’s Office not later than 90 days after the anniversary of the start of a solicitation campaign lasting more than one year.

The chart only includes charitable solicitation campaigns involving a paid professional solicitor. A charitable organization that is using its own employees or volunteers to solicit donations on its own behalf is not required by Indiana law to submit any campaign information to the Attorney General’s Office. This chart does not include information on charitable solicitation campaigns conducted by professional solicitors who are no longer registered with our office. This chart also does not include information on solicitation campaigns involving solicitors who have so far either failed to file the required financial reports or filed reports that are incomplete or incorrect. Our office will be taking further action to obtain the required information.

The chart contains ten columns. The following summary explains each column of the chart:

  1. Charity—the name of each charitable organization, in alphabetical order.
  2. Solicitor—the name of the professional solicitor who is raising money for the charity.
  3. Report—the campaign report is either a final report covering the entire campaign period or an annual report covering financial information for a one-year period of a campaign.
  4. Start Date—the starting date of the campaign reporting period.
  5. End Date—the ending date of the campaign reporting period.
  6. Gross Amount—the total gross amount of money raised from donors.
  7. Solicitor Retained—the amount of money paid to or retained by the professional solicitor.
  8. Expenses Paid—the amount of money, not including the amount of money listed in column seven, paid as expenses.
  9. Charity Retained—the amount of money retained by the charitable organization after the amounts identified in columns seven and eight have been deducted.
  10. Percent Charity Retained—the amount that the charity retains stated as a percentage of the total gross amount raised. This percentage is calculated by dividing the amount listed in column nine by the amount listed in column six. Most of the percentages are rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent. If the percentage is less than zero, it means that the charity paid out more money than it received.