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Charities & Donors Overview

Under Indiana law, a professional solicitor who is hired to solicit contributions for a charitable organization must register with the Attorney General's Office a copy of its contract with the charitable organization. Additionally, professional solicitors are required to submit campaign financial data to the Attorney General's Office after the end of each solicitation campaign, and after the anniversary of the start of a solicitation campaign lasting more than one year.

In order to help you make informed decisions on charitable giving, the Indiana Attorney General's Office has compiled the following charts based on information provided to our office by professional solicitors:

Current Charitable Solicitations Campaign Chart
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This chart lists all of the current charitable solicitation campaigns involving a paid professional solicitor. For each solicitation campaign, the chart lists the name of the charitable organization, the name of the professional fundraiser, the city and state where the charitable organization is headquartered, and the start and end dates of the solicitation campaign.

Charitable Solicitations Campaign Financial Chart
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The campaign financial chart provides financial information on charitable solicitation campaigns involving a paid professional solicitor. The amounts listed on the chart include the total amount of money raised, the total amount of money received by the solicitor, and the total amount of money retained by the charity. The chart lists financial data for solicitation campaign reporting periods that ended after December 31, 2003. Please note, the chart includes data from national campaigns as well as data from campaigns that were confined solely to Indiana.

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