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12/30/2020: Curtis Hill: Lawsuit is abortion doctor's latest attempt to deny the unborn's humanity

12/10/20: No, Recognizing The Rights And Obligations Of Biological Fathers Is Not 'Anti-Gay'

11/12/20: Blatant racism is rare but reminds us that subtle racism is common

11/2/20: No, Amy Coney Barrett's Fidelity To The Constitution Is Not Sexist, Anti-Gay, Or Racist

9/26/20: Curtis Hill: Black Kentucky AG wrongly attacked by other Blacks for not charging cops in Breonna Taylor death

8/24/20: Black Americans should judge Trump on results rather than rhetoric

8/7/20: Herman Cain made his own mark for racial progress

8/2/20: Strengthen support for law enforcement and end police brutality

7/10/20: Curtis Hill: Black Lives Matter movement should prioritize Black fatherhood to improve Black lives

7/7/20: Curtis Hill: NFL's reported plans for 'black national anthem' would celebrate national unity, spiritual faith

7/2/20: Black lives matter - including those of unborn babies

6/18/20: Curtis Hill: Crack down on bad cops but support good cops who keep us safe – Senate GOP bill shows the way

6/14/20: Indiana AG Curtis Hill: CHAZ and Seattle – a modest proposal worth considering

6/7/20: Curtis Hill: Defund police in response to George Floyd killing? It’s an insane idea that would increase crime

6/4/20: Curtis Hill: Murder charges in George Floyd death are a good step but more needed to fix broken race relations

6/2/20: Indiana AG Hill: End the rioting and America can move forward on racial progress

5/31/20: Indiana AG Hill: Floyd killing shows racism and police brutality are major problems, but riots intolerable

4/24/20: Coronavirus and inmates – ACLU’s bad idea ignores these realities about crime

2/29/20: What Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas can teach us about being Americans

2/18/20: Black History Month 2020 – remembering Harriet Tubman’s American story of freedom

2/17/20: Why George Washington is the president who towers over all others in stature and importance

1/20/20: On Dr. King’s birthday be inspired by the greatest speech in US history

1/15/20: Trump impeachment not justified – He hasn’t committed any crime

1/3/20: METH: It never really went away



10/3/19: Fetal remains case raises unavoidable questions about life’s sanctity

9/14/19: Is Google an illegal monopoly? 48 state attorneys general – including me- are investigating

8/23/19: California homeless crisis has exploded because THIS is missing

7/15/19: Black lives and police shootings in Pete Buttigieg’s South Bend

6/6/19: Aborting babies to reduce ‘inferior classes’ of people is dangerous and wrong

4/8/19: Indiana’s new hate crimes law is all-inclusive

2/26/19: A Black History month high note (and welcome respite from the Jussie Smollett saga)

2/8/19: Making ‘the wall’ happen

1/30/19: New York’s extreme pro-abortion law is backward and barbaric

1/17/19: After Obamacare, what’s next for healthcare?



12/20/18: Contemplating the value of work on Labor Day

11/22/18: Lessons on civility from JFK 55 years after Dallas

10/11/18: Congress must secure the border and act on DACA

7/31/18: General Assembly should pass law that criminalizes hateful conduct

4/12/18: Citizenship question on census does no harm to immigrants

2/8/18: Manifestations of hate: Let's punish actions rather than thoughts



12/29/17: Hoosiers should avoid a Colorado Rocky Mountain high

12/14/17: Why I found CBD oil is illegal

11/10/17: Hoosiers should avoid a Colorado Rocky Mountain high

10/12/17:  The NFL’s opportunity to stand

9/29/17: ‘As I stand for my country, I do so with pride’

8/24/17:  Giving syringes to addicts is a perilous path

6/11/17: Flashpoint: Stand firm against push to legalize pot

4/26/17: Lingering lessons from World Civility Day

2/6/17:  Judge Neil Gorsuch will bring needed perspective to Supreme Court