Abandoned Records

State law establishes procedures for the Attorney General’s Office to obtain and secure abandoned health records or other records with personal identifying information to protect those named in the files from becoming victims of identity theft.

Health and licensed professionals who leave such records unsecured in violation of state law may face fines or other legal ramifications.

The Attorney General's Office has taken possession of records containing consumer's personal information that were determined to be abandoned under Indiana Code section 4-6-14-6. The records are currently secured by the State of Indiana.

Consumers can review the list below to determine if they may have abandoned records. Consumer's names are kept confidential. To determine if abandoned records being held by the Attorney General's Office belong to you, consider the following criteria:

-Source of the records;
-Time period the consumer received treatment or services; and
-Type of records recovered.

If you believe you may have records that are part of those recovered, you may file a written request to retrieve the record(s).

Download the Abandoned Records Request Form or request the form be mailed to you by calling 1-800-382-5516.

Consumers that file a formal request will receive notification by mail to confirm whether or not the individual's personal records are being held by the state.  

 Source of Records  Time Period  Type of Records
 Thomas James Moore  1994 - 2009  Medical
 Dr. John Fayyard  Unknown  Medical
 Cardio & Vascular Physicians   Unknown  Medical
 Douglas Keister  Unknown  Medical
 Dr. Paul T. Batties  Unknown  Medical
 Dr. Trevor Lloyd-Jones  Unknown  Medical
 William R. Boeykins, CPA  Unknown  Accounting Records
 My MD House Calls  Unknown  Medical
 Signa Care Hearing Alliance Inc.  Unknown  Medical

 My FastLab

 2013 - 2015


 Med 1st of Evansville  2008 - 2013  Medical
 Dr. William Hedrick  1992 - 2014  Medical
 Dr. Ulrich G. Klopfer  1973 - 2016  Medical