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Telephone Solicitors

The Telephone Privacy Division offers an online company verification feature that allows telephone solicitors to access their account information.

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When are updated lists available?


Updated lists are available each quarter according to the schedule below:

Quarter Effective Dates List Available
1st Quarter January 1st – March 31st December
2nd Quarter April 1st – June 30th March
3rd Quarter July 1st – September 31st June
4th Quarter October 1st – December 31st September

How much does the list cost?

The fee is $750 annually, which includes four lists available quarterly.

How can I obtain the list?

You will be able to download the list from our website upon receipt of payment by credit card.

What does the list contain?

Only phone numbers.  The list will not contain the names or addresses of participants.

Does the Telephone Privacy law apply to both in-state (intrastate) and out-of-state (interstate) calls?


What about business or fax numbers?

The law applies only to residential landline numbers, wireless or VOIP telephone numbers associated with a residential address or a prepaid wireless number that is primarily used in Indiana.

How often will I need to obtain the list?

A new, complete list will be provided each quarter.

Can I contact someone who has asked for information about my product or service?

Yes. A telephone call made in response to an express request of the person called is exempt under the Telephone Privacy Act

What if someone is already a client?

A telephone call made primarily in connection with an existing debt or contract for which payment or performance has not been completed at the time of the call is exempt under the Telephone Privacy Act.  There is no broad pre-existing business exemption.

Who is exempt from this law?

Generally, there are four types of telephone solicitors who are exempt from this law.

  • Charitable organizations that use volunteers or employees to make the calls and immediately disclose A) the caller's true first and last name, and B) the name, address and phone number of the organization.
  • Newspapers that use volunteers or employees to make the calls.
  • Insurance agents licensed under IC 27-1-15.5 when the individual is soliciting an application for insurance or negotiating a policy of insurance on behalf of an insurer (as defined in IC 27-1-2-3).
  • Realtors licensed under IC 25-34.1 if A) the sale of goods or services is not completed; and B) the payment or authorization of payment is not required until after a face-to-face sales presentation by the seller.

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