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Official Opinions of Attorney General Curtis T. Hill, Jr

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2017-1 RE: Municipal Regulation of Golf Carts

2017-2  RE: Dual Office Holding Inquiry

2017-3  RE: Sunday Sales of Non-Motorized Trailers

2017-4  RE: Deep Tunnel Easement Beneath Indiana State Fairgrounds

2017-5  RE: Little Calumet River Basin Development Commission on Disposition of Real Property

2017-6 RE: Lucrative Office Holder Inquiry

2017-7 RE: Cannabidiol and HEA 1148

2017-8 RE: Legal Immunity for Members of the Indiana Guard Reserve


2018-1 RE: The Constitutionality of 2018 Indiana Senate Bill 155

2018-2 RE: Indiana Election Commission/Lake County Small Precinct Consolidation

2018-3 RE: Authority to Fill Vacancy on Board of School Trustees of the Gary Community School Corporation and Appoint President

2018-4 RE: Opinion on Retailer Anti-Shoplifting Program

2018-5 RE: Data Breach Requirements as Applied to Municipalites in Indiana

2018-6 RE: Release of Personal Information on Accident Reports under APRA/DPPA

2018-7 RE: City Ordinance and the Regulation of Campaign Contributions by City Contractors

2018-8 RE: Alternative Wage Payment Arrangements and Educational Service Centers

2018-9 RE: Dual Office Holding Inquiry

2018-10 RE: Indiana Grain Indemnity Fund Collection Process

2018-11 RE: Reorganization of West Clark Community Schools

2018-12 RE: Meaning of the Word "Resignation" in Indiana Code § 5-8-4-1


2019-1  RE: Regional Jails and Cooperative Agreements

2019-2 RE: Use of Digital or Electronic Signatures for Pleadings in Commission Proceedings

2019-3 RE: Expenditures from Tourism Funds to Benefit For-Profit Corporations

2019-4 RE: Liability for Extended School Bus Arm Signal Devices

2019-5 RE: Use of Drones in Administrative Inspections

2019-6 RE: The Restoration of Firearm Rights Under Indiana’s Expunction Statues


 2020-1 RE: Regulation of Online "Merchant Service Provider"

2020-2 RE: Municipal Utilities and Rental Properties Under Ind. Code § 8-1.5-3-8

2020-3 RE: Senate Bill 74 and Definition of Gender Under Indiana Code

2020-4 RE: Local Government Restriction of Firearms During Emergencies

2020-5 RE: Payroll Deductions for Public Sector Employees