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Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification

A certified trainer may conduct a server program. Certified trainers must be employed by either a 3rd party training provider or in-house training provider. Trainers employed by a 3rd party training provider may provide server training to the general public. Trainers employed by an in-house training provider may provide server training to in-house employees only. All 3rd party training providers must appoint a program director as the point of contact for the ATC. The requirements for becoming a certified trainer are as follows:

Sec. 6. (a) Prior to acting as a certified trainer, a person shall:
(1) have prior experience in conducting educational or training classes;
(2) be employed or retained by a training provider or in-house training provider; and
(3) hold a certified trainer certificate.
(b) A certified trainer shall do the following:
(1) Conduct certified training programs as follows:
(A) In a format approved by the commission.
(B) Using materials approved by the commission.
(2) Maintain the following:
(A) Control while conducting a class.
(B) Issued materials and equipment.
(C) A professional appearance and demeanor while conducting a class.
(3) Not issue a server certificate to a person who has not successfully completed the server program.
(4) Not provide training and testing materials to a person who is not in attendance at a class.
(5) Not allow admission to a person, or allow continued attendance to a class, if that person is as follows:
(A) Tardy.
(B) Creating a disruption during the class.
(C) Cheating.
(D) Under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs during the class.
(E) Not registered to attend or is there without permission of the:
(i) training provider; or
(ii) commission.

Initial application

To become a certified trainer, you must apply for a new trainer certification online at Someone will reach out to you to schedule your in-person trainer certification training after you application is submitted.  You can attend a training program anywhere in the state.  You can view our district map here. For instructions on how to complete the online initial application, click here.

The Commission may refuse to issue, renew or restore a trainer certificate to an applicant who has been convicted of a felony if less than two years have elapsed from the date the applicant was discharged from probation, imprisonment or parole, whichever discharge date is the latest, to the date the applicant applies for the trainer certificate.

You must bring a government issued ID and something to write with to the training.  It is strongly encouraged that you bring note taking materials as well.  The training will last approximately 4 to 5 hours. If you have questions about the training, you can contact the ATC via e-mail at

Renewal application

The renewal training certification process can be completed online at  The renewal process requires completion of the online renewal application and online refresher course and payment of the forty-five dollar ($45) renewal fee.  The renewal certification will be valid for three years.  For instructions on how to complete the online renewal application, click here.

Trainer Forms

Server Program Order Form (program used to conduct classes)

In-House Roster (for documenting training within your company)

Third-Party Roster (for documenting training at other companies)

Server Training Notification (for notifying ISEP of a training class)