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The Indiana Arts Commission is proud to provide opportunities throughout the year that serve as virtual and accessible opportunities for artists, communities, and nonprofits to take advantage of the “brain trust” in Indiana. Have a request for a topic? Let us know.


If the pandemic is a portal (as Arundhati Roy puts it), where do we hope it will lead us?What do board members need to consider when faced with a crisis? In this webinar, we'll look at fundamental, organizational assumptions and traditional information and consider how arts organizations can adapt to new information and situations.

Indiana’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program supports traditional musicians, craftspeople, dancers, practitioners of other community-based traditions in the teaching and sharing of their skills, repertoire, and knowledge with the next generation.

In this interactive webinar, Nina Simon shared concrete strategies to help your team re-vision your organization and your relationship with the communities that matter most to your future.

Webinar Recordings

Access more webinar recordings at the Indiana Arts Commission YouTube page.