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Arts Recovery Program

On September 13, 2021, the Indiana Arts Commission announced it has distributed American Rescue Plan Act funds to 278 nonprofit organizations totaling $834,000.

Grants were distributed through the agency’s Arts Recovery Program with American Rescue Plan Act funds directly from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) with additional NEA funds through Arts Midwest, Indiana’s regional partner.

“We are proud to partner with the National Endowment for the Arts and Arts Midwest to support the arts organizations across Indiana that are playing a key role in the recovery from the pandemic,” said Lewis Ricci, Indiana Arts Commission Executive Director. “This funding is a recognition of the value that the creative sector provides to the economic and social health of our state and nation.”

The Arts Recovery Program supports:

  • Salary support, full or partial, for one or more staff positions
  • Fees/stipends for artists and/or contractual personnel
  • Facilities costs such as rent and utilities, e.g., electric, phone, gas bills.
  • Costs associated with health and safety supplies for staff and/or visitors/audiences
  • Marketing and promotion costs

Last month panelists met virtually and assessed each applicant’s ability to advance the arts, provide relevant activities and access to the arts, and operate through June 2022.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be an arts organization as defined as an entity whose primary purpose is arts producing, promoting, presenting service, or teaching organization as demonstrated by ALL of the following:
  2. a. Significant evidence that it is viewed as an arts organization by its community;
    b. Arts as a core purpose, mission, and focus. The organization’s Articles of Incorporation and/or Bylaws must reflect this core purpose;
    c. The majority of public programs are arts programs and occur with regular, scheduled frequency throughout the (non-pandemic) year (e.g. festivals are not eligible);
    d. Facility space (indoor and/or outdoor) is utilized predominantly as arts production or arts activity space (as applicable);
    e. A proportionate amount of operating budget is allocated to direct arts programs and services;
    f. Provide significant, verifiable arts education-focused programming.
  3. By March 1, 2020, and at the time of the application deadline, the organization must be an active private, nonprofit tax-exempt organization with either 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue  Service (IRS) OR be an Indiana public entity (part of city or county);
  4. Organizations whose primary purpose is educational or instructional e.g., schools, universities, colleges, etc. are ineligible;
  5. Any organization whose sole or primary purpose is to fundraise (e.g., “friends of” groups, foundations, etc.) are ineligible;
  6. Entities that receive state-level operating support or non-project support directly from the Indiana General Assembly are ineligible. This includes any line items/support or contributions from the state within the organization’s operating, facility, or other organizational budgets.
  7. Must be physically located in Indiana with the majority of its arts programming, services, or activities taking place in Indiana, and must primarily serve and engage Indiana audiences and participants;
  8. Must provide a financial Profit and Loss statement for the organization’s most recently completed fiscal year.
  9. If required by the state of Indiana Office of the Auditor, must have an annual, independent financial audit conducted by a CPA; at a minimum, a Financial Statement is required by the IAC;
  10. Must have a DUNS number that reflects the organization's legal name and current physical address;
  11. Must not have any outstanding Final Grant Reports due to the Indiana Arts Commission; and,
  12. Must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, including but not limited to those that prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

The full Arts Recovery Program Guidelines can be accessed here.

Timelineall times eastern
Grant PeriodSeptember 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022
Applications OpenJune 30, 2021
Application DueJuly 28, 2021, 4:30 p.m. eastern time
Award NotificationAugust 2021
First Payment (75%)November/December 2021
Final Grant Report DueJuly 13, 2022, 4:30 p.m. eastern time
Second Payment (25%)June - July 2022

Peer review panelists will meet virtually to review applications to the Arts Recovery Program on Wednesday,  August 18th at 10:30am ET.  Click here to stream the panel on YouTube. (Please note: This is for observation only; applicants cannot lobby or address the panel before, during, or after the panel meeting.)

All applications receive an initial review by IAC staff to ensure that all required information was submitted and that the application is eligible for panel review. If any discrepancies are found (such as incomplete answers or uploads), the application may be deemed ineligible to move forward to panel review.

Each eligible application will be reviewed and evaluated by a conflict-free panel of field professionals. The panel review will be open to applicants and the public for observation only, and will be recorded. Applicants may observe the panel review online, but cannot lobby or address the panel on behalf of their application before, during, or after the panel meeting. 

Panelists will assess the applicant’s:

  1. Artistic Excellence based upon the extent to which the organization is preserving and/or advancing the arts form;
  2. Artistic Merit based upon the extent provides relevant arts activities and access to the arts for underserved populations (people lacking access to arts programs, services or resources due to isolated geographic location, low income, age race/ethnicity, cultural differences, disability or other circumstances.)
  3. Organizational Resiliency based upon the extent to which the organization demonstrates it is currently operating and will continue to operate during the funding period.

Panelists will evaluate eligible applications based upon a Yes or No process

  • Yes = recommend for funding (demonstrates it meets the above criteria)
  • No = do not recommend for funding (does not demonstrate it meets the above criteria)

Arts Recovery Program Contact
Paige Sharp
Deputy Director of Programs
Indiana Arts Commission

(317) 416-8536

For accessibility accommodation requests, contact Stephanie Haines or 317-450-9937.

For technical concerns with the online system, contact Deanna Poelsma at or 941-932-5395.

Log into the online grant system

Process NameOrganization NameAmount AwardedRegionCountyCongressional DistrictState Senate DistrictState House District
Arts Recovery ProgramBelieve In A Dream Inc$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD15SHD84
Arts Recovery ProgramCreative Women of the World$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramNorthern Indiana Bluegrass Association, Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD83
Arts Recovery ProgramOld Crown Brass Band$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramAll for One Productions, Inc$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD80
Arts Recovery ProgramArena Dinner Theatre Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD80
Arts Recovery ProgramArtlink$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramArts United of Greater Fort Wayne$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramAudiences Unlimited, Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD50
Arts Recovery ProgramEmbassy Theatre Foundation, Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD80
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Area Community Band, Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD15SHD85
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Ballet$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Children's Choir$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD15SHD85
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Cinema Center, Inc$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Civic Theatre, Inc$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Dance Collective, Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Museum of Art$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramFort Wayne Youtheatre$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramFoundation for Art and Music in Elementary Education (DBA: FAME)$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD16SHD81
Arts Recovery ProgramHeartland Sings Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD14SHD85
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc.$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD15SHD85
Arts Recovery ProgramUnity Performing Arts Foundation$3,000.003AllenIN3SSD15SHD85
Arts Recovery ProgramColumbus Area Arts Council$3,000.009BartholomewIN6SSD44SHD59
Arts Recovery ProgramColumbus Pro Musica (DBA Columbus Indiana Philharmonic)$3,000.009BartholomewIN6SSD44SHD59
Arts Recovery ProgramDancers Studio, Inc. of Columbus$3,000.009BartholomewIN6SSD41SHD59
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Inc.$3,000.009BartholomewIN6SSD44SHD59
Arts Recovery ProgramPrairie Preservation Guild$3,000.004BentonIN4SSD6SHD13
Arts Recovery ProgramBlack Box Theatre Company, Inc.$3,000.004BooneIN4SSD23SHD41
Arts Recovery ProgramCenter Stage Community Theatre$3,000.007BooneIN4SSD23SHD23
Arts Recovery ProgramZionsville Cultural District$3,000.007BooneIN5SSD29SHD24
Arts Recovery ProgramSullivanMunce Cultural Center$3,000.007BooneIN5SSD29SHD24
Arts Recovery ProgramBrown County Art Gallery Foundation, Inc$3,000.008BrownIN9SSD9SHD9
Arts Recovery ProgramBrown County Art Guild, Inc.$3,000.008BrownIN9SSD44SHD65
Arts Recovery ProgramBrown County Playhouse Management, Inc.$3,000.008BrownIN9SSD44SHD65
Arts Recovery ProgramDelphi Opera House, Inc.$3,000.004CarrollIN4SSD7SHD25
Arts Recovery ProgramCass County Arts Alliance$3,000.004CassIN4SSD18SHD23
Arts Recovery ProgramLogansport Art Association$3,000.004CassIN4SSD18SHD23
Arts Recovery ProgramClarksville Little Theatre$3,000.0012ClarkIN9SSD46SHD71
Arts Recovery ProgramCommunity Theatre of Clay County$3,000.006ClayIN8SSD38SHD42
Arts Recovery ProgramOn-Stage Foundation, Inc. (DBA: The Red Barn Summer Theatre)$3,000.004ClintonIN4SSD7SHD38
Arts Recovery ProgramVeale Creek Players, Inc.$3,000.0010DaviessIN8SSD39SHD63
Arts Recovery ProgramDearborn Highlands Arts Council$3,000.009DearbornIN6SSD43SHD68
Arts Recovery ProgramTree County Players$3,000.009DecaturIN6SSD43SHD55
Arts Recovery ProgramCornerstone Center for the Arts$3,000.005DelawareIN6SSD25SHD34
Arts Recovery ProgramMasterworks Chorale Inc.$3,000.005DelawareIN6SSD25SHD33
Arts Recovery ProgramMinnetrista$3,000.005DelawareIN6SSD25SHD34
Arts Recovery ProgramMuncie Arts and Culture Council$3,000.005DelawareIN6SSD25SHD33
Arts Recovery ProgramMuncie Civic and College Symphony Association, Inc.$3,000.005DelawareIN6SSD25SHD34
Arts Recovery ProgramMuncie Civic Theatre Association$3,000.005DelawareIN6SSD25SHD34
Arts Recovery ProgramYouth Symphony Orchestras of East Central Indiana$3,000.005DelawareIN6SSD25SHD33
Arts Recovery ProgramCity of Jasper - Arts Department$3,000.0010DuboisIN8SSD48SHD63
Arts Recovery ProgramStrings, Inc.$3,000.0010DuboisIN8SSD47SHD74
Arts Recovery ProgramGoshen Arts & Events$3,000.002ElkhartIN2SSD12SHD49
Arts Recovery ProgramElkhart Civic Theatre$3,000.002ElkhartIN2SSD12SHD48
Arts Recovery ProgramElkhart County Symphony Association$3,000.002ElkhartIN2SSD11SHD48
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Maple City Chamber Orchestra Society, Inc.$3,000.002ElkhartIN2SSD12SHD49
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Ruthmere Foundation, Inc.$3,000.002ElkhartIN2SSD11SHD48
Arts Recovery ProgramWhitewater Valley Arts Association$3,000.005FayetteIN6SSD42SHD55
Arts Recovery ProgramArts Council of Southern Indiana$3,000.0012FloydIN9SSD46SHD72
Arts Recovery ProgramCarnegie Center for Art and History, Inc.$3,000.0012FloydIN9SSD46SHD72
Arts Recovery ProgramFusion Arts Alliance$3,000.005GrantIN5SSD17SHD31
Arts Recovery ProgramHoosier Shakes, Inc.$3,000.005GrantIN5SSD17SHD31
Arts Recovery ProgramMarion Community School of the Arts$3,000.005GrantIN5SSD17SHD31
Arts Recovery ProgramMarion Philharmonic Association$3,000.005GrantIN5SSD17SHD31
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Quilters Hall of Fame$3,000.005GrantIN5SSD17SHD31
Arts Recovery ProgramSculpture Trails Outdoor Museum$3,000.008GreeneIN8SSD39SHD62
Arts Recovery ProgramShawnee Theatre of Greene County$3,000.008GreeneIN8SSD39SHD62
Arts Recovery ProgramDiscovering Broadway Inc.$3,000.007HamiltonIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramFishers Arts Council$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD31SHD37
Arts Recovery ProgramInternational Talent Academy$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD30SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramMain Street Productions, Inc.$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD20SHD32
Arts Recovery ProgramActors Theatre of Indiana$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramBooth Tarkington Civic Theatre$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramCarmel Community Players, Inc$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD20SHD24
Arts Recovery ProgramCarmel Symphony Orchestra$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramCentral Indiana Dance Ensemble$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD20SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramChristian Youth Theater, Indianapolis, Inc.$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD20SHD24
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Artisan Inc.$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Ballet Conservatory$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Dance Company Inc. (DBA: Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre)$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramMuseum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections, Inc.$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramNickel Plate Arts, Inc.$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD20SHD29
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Center for the Performing Arts$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Great American Songbook Foundation$3,000.007HamiltonIN5SSD29SHD39
Arts Recovery ProgramHancock County Children's Choir, Ltd.$3,000.007HancockIN6SSD28SHD53
Arts Recovery ProgramHarrison County Arts! Inc$3,000.0012HarrisonIN9SSD47SHD70
Arts Recovery ProgramHendricks Civic Theatre$3,000.007HendricksIN4SSD24SHD28
Arts Recovery ProgramHendricks Symphonic Society$3,000.007HendricksIN4SSD24SHD40
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Children's Ballet$3,000.007HendricksIN4SSD24SHD28
Arts Recovery ProgramKokomo Art Association, Inc$3,000.004HowardIN4SSD21SHD30
Arts Recovery ProgramSHAK Makerspace$3,000.004HowardIN4SSD21SHD30
Arts Recovery ProgramCurtain Call, Inc.$3,000.004HowardIN4SSD21SHD30
Arts Recovery ProgramKokomo Civic Theatre, Inc.$3,000.004HowardIN4SSD21SHD38
Arts Recovery ProgramKokomo Park Band$3,000.004HowardIN4SSD21SHD38
Arts Recovery ProgramKokomo Symphonic Society, Inc.$3,000.004HowardIN4SSD21SHD38
Arts Recovery ProgramActors Community Theater of Seymour, Inc.$3,000.009JacksonIN9SSD44SHD69
Arts Recovery ProgramJackson County Community Theatre$3,000.009JacksonIN9SSD44SHD69
Arts Recovery ProgramSouthern Indiana Center For The Arts$3,000.009JacksonIN9SSD44SHD69
Arts Recovery ProgramPrairie Arts Council$3,000.004JasperIN4SSD7SHD16
Arts Recovery ProgramArts Place, Inc.$3,000.005JayIN3SSD19SHD33
Arts Recovery ProgramFriends of the Ohio Theatre, Inc.$3,000.0012JeffersonIN6SSD45SHD66
Arts Recovery ProgramMadison Area Arts Alliance$3,000.0012JeffersonIN6SSD45SHD66
Arts Recovery ProgramMadison Art Club (DBA: Art on Main)$3,000.0012JeffersonIN6SSD45SHD66
Arts Recovery ProgramPerceptions Yoga, Mindfulness & Art, Inc$3,000.009JenningsIN6SSD43SHD67
Arts Recovery ProgramCenter Grove Fine Arts Academy Inc. (DBA: Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy, Inc.)$3,000.007JohnsonIN9SSD37SHD47
Arts Recovery ProgramSouthside Art League$3,000.007JohnsonIN9SSD41SHD58
Arts Recovery ProgramLakeland Art Association, Inc$3,000.002KosciuskoIN3SSD9SHD22
Arts Recovery ProgramWagon Wheel Center for the Arts$3,000.002KosciuskoIN3SSD9SHD18
Arts Recovery ProgramMichigan City Messiah$3,000.001La PorteIN1SSD5SHD4
Arts Recovery ProgramDunes Arts Foundation, Inc$3,000.001La PorteIN1SSD4SHD9
Arts Recovery ProgramLaporte Symphony Orchestra$3,000.001La PorteIN2SSD8SHD20
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Jack & Shirley Lubeznik Center for the Arts$3,000.001La PorteIN1SSD4SHD9
Arts Recovery ProgramAfrican American Achievers Youth Corps, Inc.$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD3SHD14
Arts Recovery ProgramL'arc en Ciel Theatre Group$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD3SHD19
Arts Recovery ProgramNorthwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation Inc$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD5SHD4
Arts Recovery ProgramTop 20, Inc.$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD6SHD19
Arts Recovery ProgramBeachfront Dance School, INC$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD3SHD3
Arts Recovery ProgramBooks, Brushes & Bands for Education$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD2SHD1
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Ballet Theatre NW Inc$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD3SHD14
Arts Recovery ProgramMiller Beach Arts & Creative District CDC, Inc.$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD3SHD3
Arts Recovery ProgramNorthwest Indiana Symphony Society, Inc.$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD1SHD12
Arts Recovery ProgramSouth Shore Arts$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD1SHD12
Arts Recovery ProgramSouth Shore Dance Alliance, Inc$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD1SHD15
Arts Recovery ProgramTowle Performing Arts Company$3,000.001LakeIN1SSD2SHD1
Arts Recovery ProgramAnderson Fine Arts Foundation, Inc (DBA Anderson Museum of Art)$3,000.005MadisonIN5SSD25SHD36
Arts Recovery ProgramAnderson Symphony Orchestra Association, Inc.$3,000.005MadisonIN5SSD25SHD36
Arts Recovery ProgramArte Mexicano en Indiana, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramBallet Theatre of Carmel Academy Pre-Professional Ballet and Dance Training$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD30SHD86
Arts Recovery ProgramBrick Street Poetry Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD31SHD88
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Fashion Foundation Corporation$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD30SHD86
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Film Project, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndy Movement Arts Collective$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD30SHD86
Arts Recovery ProgramRiver West Theater Inc.(DBA Fonseca Theatre)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD99
Arts Recovery ProgramThe District Theatre$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Indy Convergence, Inc$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD99
Arts Recovery ProgramAmerican Cabaret Theatre, Inc. (dba The Cabaret)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramAmerican Pianists Association$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramArtMix Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramArts Council of Indianapolis$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramArts for Learning, the Indiana Affiliate of Young Audiences$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramAsante Art Institute of Indianapolis Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD92
Arts Recovery ProgramBig Car Collaborative$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramBuck Creek Players$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD32SHD90
Arts Recovery ProgramButler University - Clowes Memorial Hall$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramClaude McNeal's Musical Theatre Training Program, Inc.(Claude McNeal Productions)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramDance Kaleidoscope$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramEiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramFestival Music Society$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD30SHD87
Arts Recovery ProgramFine Arts Society of Indianapolis (DBA Classical Music Indy)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD99
Arts Recovery ProgramFootlite Musicals, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramFreetown Village, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramHarrison Center for the Arts, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramHeartland Film Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD100
Arts Recovery ProgramHoosier Salon Patrons Association, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD99
Arts Recovery ProgramIibada Dance Company$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD92
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Performing Arts Centre Theatre Company$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD100
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Repertory Theatre$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Symphony Society, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Wind Symphony$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Writers Center$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Art Center$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD30SHD86
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Ballet, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Baroque Orchestra Inc. (IndyBaroque Music, Inc.)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD93
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Chamber Orchestra$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Children's Choir$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Jazz Foundation$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD30SHD87
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Men's Chorus$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Museum of Art, Inc. (DBA: Newfields)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Opera$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Shakespeare Company$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Suzuki Academy$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Symphonic Choir$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Women's Chorus$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD30SHD86
Arts Recovery ProgramIndianapolis Youth Orchestra$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramInternational Violin Competition of Indianapolis$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramKids Dance Outreach, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramKurt Vonnegut Museum and Library$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramMadam Walker Legacy Center$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramMusic for All, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramPartnerships for Lawrence, Inc. (DBA: Arts for Lawrence)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD31SHD95
Arts Recovery ProgramPATTERN, Inc$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramPercussive Arts Society$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD100
Arts Recovery ProgramPhilharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD29SHD86
Arts Recovery ProgramPhoenix Theatre$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramReact (Formerly: Young Actors Theatre)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramSociety for Preservation & Encourmt of Barbershop Quartet Singing Amer F002 Greater Indianapolis (DBA Circle City Sound)$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD28SHD89
Arts Recovery ProgramStorefront Theatre of Indianapolis, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN5SSD30SHD86
Arts Recovery ProgramStorytelling Arts of Indiana$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramSummer Stock Stage Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramSummit Performance Indianapolis Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Bigger Picture Film Group$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Children's Museum of Indianapolis$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD99
Arts Recovery ProgramThe DaVinci Pursuit$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD28SHD100
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD34SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramThe New Harmony Project, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD36SHD97
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Sapphire Theatre Company, Inc.$3,000.007MarionIN7SSD33SHD96
Arts Recovery ProgramHeartland Artists$3,000.002MarshallIN2SSD9SHD17
Arts Recovery ProgramWild Rose Moon$3,000.002MarshallIN2SSD9SHD17
Arts Recovery ProgramMiami County Artisan Gallery$3,000.003MiamiIN2SSD18SHD23
Arts Recovery ProgramCircus City Festival Inc.$3,000.003MiamiIN2SSD18SHD23
Arts Recovery ProgramArtisan Alley LTD$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramBloomington Chamber Opera$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramEarly Music Associates Inc$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD62
Arts Recovery ProgramForgotten Clefs, Inc.$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD62
Arts Recovery ProgramWriting for a Change Foundation Bloomington$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramBCT Management, Inc (DBA: Buskirk-Chumley Theater)$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramBloomington Chamber Singers$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramBloomington Creative Glass Center$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramBloomington Playwrights Project$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramBloomington Symphony Orchestra$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramCardinal Stage Company$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramLotus Education and Arts Foundation$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD62
Arts Recovery ProgramMidWay Music Speaks$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramQuarryland Men's Chorus$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD62
Arts Recovery ProgramStages Bloomington$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD60
Arts Recovery ProgramWindfall Dancers, Inc.$3,000.008MonroeIN9SSD40SHD61
Arts Recovery ProgramAthens of Indiana Arts Studios and Gallery$3,000.004MontgomeryIN4SSD23SHD41
Arts Recovery ProgramMartinsville Arts Council Inc$3,000.008MorganIN9SSD37SHD60
Arts Recovery ProgramNorth Coast Cultural Association$3,000.001PorterIN1SSD4SHD9
Arts Recovery ProgramRegional Performing Arts Company$3,000.001PorterIN1SSD4SHD10
Arts Recovery ProgramSequenza Chamber Music, Inc. (DBA: Duo Sequenza)$3,000.001PorterIN1SSD5SHD11
Arts Recovery ProgramArt Barn School of Art, Inc.$3,000.001PorterIN1SSD4SHD9
Arts Recovery ProgramAssociation of Artists and Craftsmen of Porter County (DBA the Chesterton Art Center)$3,000.001PorterIN1SSD4SHD9
Arts Recovery ProgramCommunity Theatre Guild/Chicago Street Theatre$3,000.001PorterIN1SSD5SHD4
Arts Recovery ProgramPorter County Government (DBA: Memorial Opera House)$3,000.001PorterIN1SSD5SHD4
Arts Recovery ProgramPutnam County Coalition for Education and the Creative Arts (DBA: The Castle)$3,000.006PutnamIN4SSD37SHD44
Arts Recovery ProgramPutnam County Playhouse Inc.$3,000.006PutnamIN4SSD24SHD44
Arts Recovery ProgramArt Association of Randolph County, Inc.$3,000.005RandolphIN6SSD27SHD33
Arts Recovery ProgramBatesville Area Arts Council$3,000.009RipleyIN6SSD42SHD55
Arts Recovery ProgramSoutheastern Indiana Dance, Inc.$3,000.009RipleyIN6SSD42SHD55
Arts Recovery ProgramImagine:Nation$3,000.005RushIN6SSD42SHD54
Arts Recovery ProgramShelby County Players, Inc.$3,000.007ShelbyIN6SSD42SHD57
Arts Recovery ProgramMerrimans' Playhouse, Inc.$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD8
Arts Recovery ProgramRipple Effect Vocal Visionary Project, Inc$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD8SHD7
Arts Recovery ProgramActing Ensemble$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD5
Arts Recovery ProgramFischoff National Chamber Music Association$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD8
Arts Recovery ProgramMain Stage Inc$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD5
Arts Recovery ProgramMusical Arts Indiana. Inc.$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD8SHD7
Arts Recovery ProgramPatchwork Dance Company$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD11SHD21
Arts Recovery ProgramSouth Bend Civic Theatre$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD6
Arts Recovery ProgramSouth Bend Museum of Art$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD6
Arts Recovery ProgramSouth Bend Symphony Orchestra Association, Inc.$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD6
Arts Recovery ProgramSouth Bend Youth Symphony Orchestras Inc$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD6
Arts Recovery ProgramSouthold Dance Theater$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD6
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Village: A Community Arts Alliance, Inc.$3,000.002St. JosephIN2SSD10SHD6
Arts Recovery ProgramHistoric Hoosier, Inc.$3,000.009SwitzerlandIN6SSD45SHD67
Arts Recovery ProgramArt Museum of Greater Lafayette$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramBach Chorale Singers, Inc.$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramCivic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, Inc.$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramIndiana Fiddlers' Gathering, Inc.$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD25
Arts Recovery ProgramLafayette Citizens Band, Inc.$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramLafayette Symphony, Inc.$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD22SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramLong Center for the Performing Arts$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramRobert and Ellen Haan Museum of Indiana Art$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramTippecanoe Arts Federation$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD7SHD27
Arts Recovery ProgramWabash Valley Youth Symphony$3,000.004TippecanoeIN4SSD22SHD26
Arts Recovery ProgramTipton Community Theatre$3,000.004TiptonIN5SSD21SHD32
Arts Recovery ProgramHaynie's Corner Arts District Association$3,000.0010VanderburghIN8SSD50SHD77
Arts Recovery ProgramChildren's Center for Dance Education$3,000.0010VanderburghIN8SSD50SHD78
Arts Recovery ProgramEvansville Civic Theatre$3,000.0010VanderburghIN8SSD49SHD77
Arts Recovery ProgramEvansville Museum of Arts, History & Science$3,000.0010VanderburghIN8SSD49SHD77
Arts Recovery ProgramEvansville Philharmonic Orchestral Corporation$3,000.0010VanderburghIN8SSD49SHD77
Arts Recovery ProgramReitz Home Museum$3,000.0010VanderburghIN8SSD49SHD77
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana$3,000.0010VanderburghIN8SSD49SHD77
Arts Recovery ProgramArt Spaces - Wabash Valley Outdoor Sculpture Collection, Inc.$3,000.006VigoIN8SSD38SHD43
Arts Recovery ProgramArts Illiana, Inc.$3,000.006VigoIN8SSD38SHD43
Arts Recovery ProgramCommunity Theatre of Terre Haute, Inc.$3,000.006VigoIN8SSD38SHD43
Arts Recovery ProgramSheldon Swope Art Museum, Inc.$3,000.006VigoIN8SSD38SHD43
Arts Recovery ProgramTerre Haute Community Band, Inc.$3,000.006VigoIN8SSD38SHD43
Arts Recovery ProgramTerre Haute Symphony Association Inc.$3,000.006VigoIN8SSD38SHD43
Arts Recovery ProgramNorth Manchester Civic Symphony Society Inc$3,000.003WabashIN2SSD17SHD18
Arts Recovery ProgramThe Honeywell Foundation, Inc.$3,000.003WabashIN2SSD17SHD18
Arts Recovery ProgramRivertown Storytellers At The Rivers Bend Inc.$3,000.0010WarrickIN8SSD50SHD75
Arts Recovery ProgramHagerstown Nettle Creek Players Inc$3,000.005WayneIN6SSD27SHD54
Arts Recovery ProgramRichmond Art Museum$3,000.005WayneIN6SSD27SHD56
Arts Recovery ProgramRichmond Civic Theatre$3,000.005WayneIN6SSD27SHD56
Arts Recovery ProgramRichmond Symphony Orchestra$3,000.005WayneIN6SSD27SHD56
Arts Recovery ProgramCreative Arts Council of Wells County$3,000.003WellsIN3SSD19SHD79