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Governor's Arts Awards

Governor Eric Holcomb with award recipient Twyla Tharp

About the Governor's Arts Awards

Originally presented in 1973, these awards recognize excellence in artistic achievement, philanthropy, arts education, and leadership in the arts and are presented biennially at a public event. The 2020 Governor’s Arts Awards will be in October in Columbus, Indiana.  

About the Nomination Process

The Governor’s Arts Award (GAA) Planning Committee is responsible for the review of award nominations, and the selection of recipients and award alternates. Anyone may make a GAA nomination, including IAC commissioners, staff, and planning committee members provided the nomination follows all guidelines stipulated in the nomination form. These individuals should restrict their involvement in consideration of that specific nominee to only answering questions that may assist the committee in its review process. All committee members are eligible to vote on all nominees; including those they may have submitted for nomination. 

Award Categories:

  • Artist
  • Advocate
  • Community
  • Corporation/Organization
  • Educator
  • Emerging Artist

The selection committee chair will instruct the committee members to consider all applications fairly, and establish time limits for all nomination discussions. The Indiana Arts Commission staff will make the initial review of all nominations to insure they meet minimum guidelines for eligibility. 

The deadline to make a nomination was December 3, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. eastern time.


The Governor’s Arts Awards are open to any individual, group, organization, business or community that has made a significant contribution to or positive impact on the growth, awareness, and strength of the arts in Indiana. Individuals nominated for the award must be, or have been residents of the State of Indiana. Organizations and businesses nominated for the award must either have headquarters or operations in Indiana. Current members and staff of the Indiana Arts Commission, members of the awards selection committee, and their families are not eligible to receive a Governor’s Arts Award or create the award.

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