Meet the Consultants

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Terry Whitt Bailey

photo of Terry Whitt Bailey

Areas of Expertise: Working with arts organizations, working with the public sector, community engagement, fundraising, working in university communities.

Now: Director of Community Development, City of Muncie

Notable: Terry has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Madame Walker Theatre Center in Indianapolis and the President and CEO of Cornerstone Center of the Arts in Muncie. At Cornerstone, she was instrumental in increasing the visibility of the arts in East Central Indiana.


Brian Blackford

photo of Brian Blackford

Areas of Expertise: Working with the public sector, community development, planning, tourism, large events

Now: Project Manager, Indiana Communities Institute, Ball State University

Notable:  Brian has led the annual Indiana Economic Development Course offered at Ball State University which offers intensive training in the basic concepts, methods, and strategies of economic, business, and community development.


Sharon Canaday

photo of Sharon Canaday

Areas of Expertise: Cultural planning, arts organization leadership, community development, working with higher education institutions

Now: Retired. Formerly Associate Director, Economic and Community Development at Ball State University

Notable: Sharon has been a consultant for Indiana Statewide Cultural Districts. Her work supported the significant growth in cultural development in the communities she worked with. Sharon also serves as the Board President for Partnerships for Lawrence, a neighborhood-based arts organization.


Joe LaMantia

photo of Joe LaMantia

Areas of Expertise: Implementing public art works, cultivating community participation

Now: Visual artist

Notable:  Joe works both with communities and schools, offering a holistic approach to creating art that's shaped for each unique cultural setting. His objective is to encourage the imagination of each individual as they express it through the art they create. 


Kimberly Franklin Nyberg

photo of Kimberly Franklin Nyberg

Areas of Expertise: Working with a community foundation, cultural planning, cultural district development, working with small businesses, proposal development

Now: Executive Director of Madison Area Arts Alliance

Notable: Kim’s work in cultural and strategic planning has resulted in an Indiana Statewide Cultural District Designation for the Madison Arts and Cultural District as well as a finalist for America’s Best Communities. She lead the rebirth of the Tennessee Main Street Program and founded the Tennessee Downtowns Program while serving as director at TNECD, Her varied background in downtown development, small business, and design has helped her capture and communicate the economic impact of the arts for an assortment of communities.


Rose Scovel

photo of Rose Scovel

Areas of Expertise: Comprehensive community development, neighborhood planning, strategic planning, comprehensive planning, economic development planning, corridor planning, zoning, subdivision control

Now: Director of Capacity Building, Prosperity Indiana

Notable: Rose has worked with a number of communities in placemaking in the past. She was recently a presenter at From the Ground Up: A Creative Placemaking Workshop. She has also served as a Statewide Cultural District Program review panelist.

For this consultancy, Prosperity Indiana will provide technical assistance for communities that successfully apply through NALCAB.


Sean Starowitz

photo of Sean Starowitz

Areas of Expertise: Implementing public art works, community engagement, working with artists, working with the public sector, working with rural communities

Now: Assistant Director for the Arts, City of Bloomington; social practice artist

Notable: Sean’s work as an artist has focused on rural areas, including Fresh Bread, a pop-up storefront. He has also partnered with Appalshop, an arts organization focusing on place-based creativity in Appalachia.


Joanna Taft

photo of Joanna Taft

Areas of Expertise: Working with artists, public art planning, festivals and large public events, working with the public sector, working with community development, neighborhood-based strategies

Now: Executive Director of Harrison Center for the Arts; neighbor, local historian

Notable: The Harrison Center for the Arts recently received an Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for its project, Pre-Enactment Theater. This project also leveraged a Patronicity crowdgrant.


Jim Walker

photo of Jim Walker

Areas of Expertise: Designing and implementing lighter, quicker, cheaper strategies; programming public spaces, artist housing, community input, neighborhood-based strategies

Now: Executive Director and Founder of Big Car Collaborative; writer, photographer, designer

Notable: Jim and his team at Big Car have implemented several creative placemaking projects in Indianapolis and Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana. Big Car also recently launched an artist housing program in partnership with an Indianapolis community development corporation.


Julie Warren

photo of Julie Warren

Areas of Expertise: Tourism, marketing, events, visioning, attraction development

Now: Freelance marketer; writer

Notable: Julie helped put together a program in partnership with the Bloomington CVB to encourage the development of new attractions and events.