Why Creative Placemaking?

Artists, arts organizations, arts activities and other cultural goods and services are a key component of quality of life. When these “cultural assets,” as we call them, are integrated into the public spaces and everyday habits of our communities, it’s called creative placemaking. Creative placemaking can make a place safer, healthier, more beautiful, more interesting, more fun, or more _____. 

  • How would you fill in the blank?
  • What does your community need?
  • Could cultural assets be a tool to get there?

Dip your toes in creative placemaking

In late June we started a newsletter called "The Weekly Scoop" to give folks snippets of creative inspiration. Check out the archive below. If you have a story you'd like to see featured in the Weekly Scoop email Anna Tragesser at atragesser@iac.IN.gov