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Replacing Fear With Curiosity

In times of uncertainty and turbulent change it can be easy for us and the communities we live in to respond out of fear. Things that are different than us, changes in our communities, new initiatives and leadership can cause us to respond not with thoughtful curiosity, but rather fear creating disunity. In a conversation I had with Torrie Allen, CEO of Arts Midwest, he mentioned his desire to use the arts to inspire communities to respond to differences that arise with curiosity over fear. But how can we do this? What action can artists and art organizations take to inspire curiosity instead of igniting fear?

We can start by prioritizing the cultivation of positive and authentic relationships. Even during this unprecedented time there are ways to develop new relationships. Here at Indiana Arts Commission we’re hosting a virtual community of Indiana creatives figuring out life and work in the midst of COVID. This is a great way to start meeting and receiving support from fellow creatives while cultivating authentic relationships.

We can also work to prioritize life-long learning. When we value life-long learning we are opening doors to explore things that we may have never considered before. Many organizations and communities offer educational resources for artists and creatives, inspiring opportunities for growth. Consider checking out educational resources on our Artist’s Hub

These are only two out of many ways to engage with your local community and inspire curiosity over fear. We know that when Indiana communities work together, ask questions, and remain open to change we can create unity and inspire patience and curiosity.

Published December 4, 2020

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Written by Kelley Satoski

Kelley is a recent Fine Art graduate from Taylor University and lives in West Lafayette, Indiana. She currently works with both the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and IAC and is interested in how the arts contribute to equitable community development.