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Traditional Arts Indiana Apprenticeship

  • Current: Traditional Arts Indiana Apprenticeship

The Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) Apprenticeship Program supports the continuation of cultural practices in Indiana communities by funding up to six apprenticeship pairs each year, enabling apprentices to learn essential knowledge and skills in traditional art forms from master artists. TAI hosts this apprenticeship program in partnership with Indiana University’s Mathers Museum of World Cultures, the Indiana Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

What are Traditional Arts?

The TAI Apprenticeship Program supports traditional cultural expressions of a community or group. Examples might be making an object, playing a tune, or practicing a dance. Nevertheless, each creative practice is rooted in a community. It is “traditional” in that it entails skills, aesthetics, and values that are transmitted over time within a family, community, religious, or occupational setting. Within these groups, master artists are individuals who are formally or informally recognized for excellence in their artistic traditions. 

Interested in applying?

Download the application by clicking here.

  • Application and all supporting material due July 1.
  • Review panel meets in late July
  • Applicants are notified in early August

Contact Traditional Arts Indiana Director Jon Kay with questions at (812) 855-0418 or jkay@indiana.edu.

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