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Southern Indiana Highlights

Artistic Expressions

First Chance Center in Orange County will use its Arts Project Support grant to provide people with disabilities an opportunity to express themselves through creative arts. The workshops will be led by professional watercolor, ceramics, fused glass art, and wood crafting artists. Participants will then share their artworks with the community in a gallery show, helping to promote awareness that persons with disabilities are contributing to the community. Showcasing the participants’ artwork will also build their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.License Plate

About First Chance Center (Orange County Rehab)

The mission of First Chance Center is to promote abilities and provide opportunities for persons with disabilities or other barriers to fully participate in their community.

Totems of Hope

Dearborn County Citizens Against Substance abuse will use its grant to support the Totems of Hope project, part of the community’s CARE (Community Action Recovery Effort) initiative. The primary goal of the initiative is to bring together a support system to fill in gaps in services for the recovery population, especially when they are first released from jail.

The Totems of Hope project will help the participants and their families rise above the stigma surrounding incarceration and substance abuse, empowering them to become positive leaders in the community. This project will be the second in a series that is designed to bring together underserved "non-artists" in our community with the community at large to create a sense of inclusion and acceptance through the construction and installation of a ceramic totem.

Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP) alumni were specifically chosen for the project. As part of JCAP, folks go through intensive treatment for several months while in jail for non-violent drug-related charges. Once released, they are required to participate in outpatient therapy, attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and meet frequently with probation officers. The Totem projects are designed to bring them together for additional support, teach them new skills, and experience the healing potential in creating art during this fragile period of transition.

Ultimately, the project provides an opportunity for people in the community who are in addiction recovery to be involved in a positive and educational project which will result in a permanent piece of public artwork as well as recognition of their sobriety. Additionally, this project will bring families together to support each other and work towards a common positive goal, developing positive relationships with each other and the artist.License Plate

About Dearborn County Citizens Against Substance Abuse

The mission of the Dearborn County Citizens Against Substance Abuse is to develop and support a comprehensive community plan focused on the prevention and reduction of substance use/misuse/addiction among youth and adults in Dearborn County.

Arts & Smarts

Patchwork Central will use an Arts Project Support grant to fund its Arts & Smarts program.

This program provides low-income families with a safe and supportive place for their children to explore and develop their interests, particularly interests in the arts. Every day, Patchwork engages children in process-centered visual art projects using professional grade supplies and taught by adult artists. Through these experiences, children are engaged in learning and develop supportive relationships with adult staff and volunteers. As a result, children gain afterschool experiences that help lead to success in life by building critical communications, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Patchwork is also proud to support interests beyond art. The organization provides one-on-one tutoring and provides participants with a wide array of other activities so they can try new things. Activities are informed by the Search Institute’s “Sparks” curriculum. This curriculum is based on research that shows children are more likely to succeed in life if they have identified interests (sparks) and have support from adults to explore those interests.License Plate

About Patchwork Central

Patchwork Central creates community, honors personal dignity, empowers people, and encourages spiritual and social growth through its programs and hospitality, its opportunities for learning, its creative atmosphere and cultivation of the arts, and its work toward reconciliation and a more peaceful and just world.

The Big Idea

Greater Clark County Schools will utilize an Arts Project Support grant to implement arts integration teaching methods for students learning about famous scientists. The project will expose students to the joy and difference of live, interactive theatre compared to televised performances. Due to the majority of the student population falling into the free/reduced lunch status, most of the students do not experience live theatre outside of school.

Teachers will use theatre to inspire students to delve into a more in-depth study of history and science and to be able to see history as "storytelling" and science as a creative expression to benefit humankind. Research by the Purdue Women in Engineering Program points to the importance of personalizing science to attract both the underrepresented populations to the field of engineering.

Additionally, the project will improve students' understanding and competence in being a good audience member and in learning how to research, write, and present material.License Plate

About Greater Clark County Schools

Greater Clark County Schools’ mission is for stakeholders to give 100 percent effort in meeting the academic and behavioral needs of each student ensuring acceptance to a post-secondary opportunity.

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