PACE Program

Terre Haute PACE end of program celebration

About the Program

Partnering Arts, Communities and Education (PACE) is the IAC’s main funding opportunity for direct arts education programming. But not just any arts education programming! PACE aims to fund rigorous, year-long artist residencies in schools where the impact can extend not only to the students, but also to teachers and the whole school.  

Funding can be used to provide twenty or more visits by an artist to a high-need elementary school and other supporting activities. Along the way we’ll be collecting data that will show the impact of regular exposure to the arts on student achievement. The students get amazing arts experiences, the arts organization find a new community partner in the school, and our state gets research supporting future arts education efforts. It’s a win, win, win!

Who is eligible to apply?

The most successful partnerships for PACE include the following roles:

  • A strong arts organization nonprofit is the applicant (including an arts division of a college or university). The arts organization also identifies and manages the teaching artist throughout the process and manages the assessment responsibilities.
  • An eligible school is a partner on the application, but not the main applicant. The school can, but usually does not, apply directly for the grant but IS an essential partner for the grant and has equal input on the curriculum and goals of the grant program.
  • A teaching artist identified and closely associated with the arts organization is named in the application, but is not the applicant. A person capable of teaching the selected art form on a regular schedule one to two days a week, through the whole school year.

Schools should be:

  • Indiana elementary public, private, parochial, or charter schools.
  • Performing below the state average passing rate on spring 2015/2016 state standardized assessments in English/Language Arts and Math (51.6%) and having a Free/Reduced Meal rate above 45%.
  • Programs should not be continuations or expansions of existing partnerships but may include schools that have had limited arts experiences outside of the regular arts classroom.

Ready to apply?

Read the thorough grant guidelines document, and contact the program manager Stephanie Haines at or (317) 232-1274. 

Documents you'll need to complete your application

Are you a current PACE grant recipient?

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