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How to Support Artists During COVID-19


How to support artists in a COVID-19 world:

  • Thank them for their role in society or in your life. Ask them how they are doing. Listen.
  • Donate tickets to any canceled events back to the organization instead of asking for a refund.
  • Donate directly to the arts and culture organizations and venues you value. 
  • Provide payments and tips to individual artists as they share their work on social media.  
  • Buy subscriptions, memberships, tickets, and gift cards from arts and cultural organizations. Commission work, peruse Etsy, and buy your holiday gifts early.
  • Give to an emergency relief fund for artists, performers, and creatives. These are everywhere! Here are a couple: Indy Keeps CreatingIndiana Music Industry Relief Fund

Do you work directly with artists and creatives?

  • We'll say it again – Thank them for their role in society and in your work. Ask them how they are doing. Listen.
  • Learn the basics of expanded unemployment benefits (keep an eye out for Indiana changes) and encourage creatives to apply now.
  • Encourage them to submit the Open Line so we can keep a pulse.
  • Keep sharing out resources and webinar opportunities with your network.
  • Get to know the Artists Thrive rubric and identify some areas to improve right now.
  • If needed:
  • Do your part to create an environment of generosity, abundance, creativity, innovation, reflection, and connection. (Isn't this what we're best at?) Rally around artists to remind them that they are their own best resource and that we need them now more than ever. These people are experts in seeing things differently and creating something out of nothing. 
  • Stay in touch. The more we know, the better we can support the field. Contact Anna at atragesser@iac.in.gov.

Are you a funder?

We're in this with you, and we want to hear from you. Get in touch with IAC Artist and Community Services Manager, Anna Tragesser, at atragesser@iac.in.gov or call (317) 232-1281.