2020 Hosting Opportunity

The Indiana Arts Homecoming is a multi-day gathering of Indiana's statewide arts community: artists, arts organizations, arts educators, arts supporters and community developers — anyone and everyone who wants to come together and grow Indiana's vibrant arts scene. The Governor’s Arts Awards event recognizes excellence in artistic achievement, philanthropy, arts education, and leadership in the arts and occurs every two years.

The 2019 Indiana Arts Homecoming will be in Central Indiana, but the Indiana Arts Commission is offering communities the opportunity to host the combined 2020 Indiana Arts Homecoming and Governor’s Arts Awards event in the fall of 2020.

Requirements for the Homecoming

The following accessible venues within close walking distance:

  1. One or more plenary/keynote/banquet spaces to accommodate 250-300 guests with presentation technology available
  2.  At least four breakout spaces to accommodate 60 available simultaneously for the duration of the convening with presentation technology available
  3. One evening welcome reception space to accommodate 150

In addition:

  1. Parking available nearby
  2. Hotel accommodations nearby
  3. Venues, entertainment, and gathering spaces for ancillary activities, pre-conference activities, etc. nearby
  4. A local planning committee to assist in identifying funding partnerships, logistics, creative content curation, ancillary activities and volunteer recruitment.

The Indiana Arts Homecoming takes place from 10 a.m. Thursday through 3:00 p.m. Friday between the end of September and early November, 2020.

Requirements for the Governor’s Arts Awards

  1. A performing or visual arts venue that can comfortably accommodate 250-300 guests with presentation technology available.
  2. Availability of technical support staff for either performing or visual arts venue.

The Governor’s Arts Awards can take place on either a Thursday night or Friday night in conjunction with the Indiana Arts Homecoming.

NOTE:  Venues for the Indiana Arts Homecoming and the Governor’s Arts Awards do not need to be located within walking distance of each other.

Ready to Submit a Proposal?

To respond to this opportunity, please send an email to Miah Michaelsen at mmichaelsen@iac.in.gov with a brief proposal addressing:

  • The logistics and local committee requirements as outlined above
  • Preferred dates between the end of September and early November, 2020
  • a letter of support from a representative of either municipal government, county government or the local tourism or business organization

Selection will be based on community readiness to host the two events as illustrated by the proposal and geographic considerations.

Proposals requested by December 15, 2018.