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The Selection Process and Enacting Legislation

In 2005, Senate Bill No. 433 established a process for selecting a state poet laureate. 

The Selection Committee

The selection commission consists of the follow eight members: 

  • Seven members selected by the commission who represent state supported and private institutions of higher education.
    • The faculty member must: (1) be a member of the fine arts or English department of the institution; and (2) teach writing.
  • The Executive Director of the Indiana Arts Commission.

The selection committee does the following:

  • Meets on a biennial basis to select the poet laureate.
  • Determines a method of selecting the poet laureate.
  • Selects a poet laureate not later than December 1 of each odd-numbered year.
  • Permits a person to be selected as poet laureate even if the person has previously served as poet laureate.

Poet Laureate Duties

The Indiana Poet Laureate does the following:

  • Makes a formal appearance at schools, including the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Indiana School for the Deaf, libraries, and other educational facilities.
  • Offers advice to the commission concerning ways to further the art of poetry in Indiana.
  • Represents Indiana and the art of poetry to the education community and the public.
    • The Department of Education assists the poet laureate in scheduling the poet laureate’s appearances in educational facilities and at other appropriate events.