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Funding Imperatives

Public resources are invested on behalf of every taxpayer to produce public value for all.

At the heart of every IAC granting program are the principles of excellence, authenticity, fairness & equity, access, inclusion, and education.

  • EXCELLENCE, because all should be able to have the highest possible artistic experience.
  • AUTHENTICITY, because all artistic endeavors have value.
  • FAIRNESS, EQUITY AND ACCESS, because all should have the opportunity to benefit.
  • INCLUSION, because all should feel welcome.
  • EDUCATION, because all should be changed through the experience.

Outcomes should advance the well-being of all and build culturally rich, cohesive, peaceful and prosperous communities.

Public resources partner with communities, organizations and individuals to produce core, cultural benefits, and in so doing, open up those benefits so that they positively affect all.

Community Engagement as a Funding Priority

In 2016, the IAC conducted a strategic review of the criteria, eligibility and funding priorities for those grant programs within the RIG program and Commissioners approved recommended changes in September 2016. One such change is a more strategic emphasis on Community Engagement in FY18 and beyond. The Commission believes that this emphasis will bring about the following outcomes:

  • to bring grant programs more in line with cultural development, community development, economic development, and social and civic work trends across a range of policy, programming and funding agencies; and, to encourage more dynamic, direct, integral and beneficial work with citizens and communities.

Definition of Community Engagement

Community describes a collection of people, places and organizations that are connected through some external factor, such as geographic location or cultural affinity. Engagement describes an active, two-way and long-term relationship in which one party motivates another to get involved or take action—and both parties experience change. Mutual activity and involvement are the keys to community engagement. Community Engagement promotes consistent community relationships that are a step beyond conventional programmatic partnerships. Consistent community engagement is an integral and multi-layered part of the work culture of the arts provider; it is not activity based, such as in collaboration or marketing to diverse audiences, nor is it solely program-based. (Definition adapted from the National Guild for Community Arts Education.) 

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