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The Indiana Arts Commission will continue to comply with Public Information Request policies and procedures set forth in state statute and implemented by the Indiana Public Access Counselor’s Office. A copy of the Public Access Counselor Office Guidebook will be kept on file by the IAC.

It shall be the policy of the Indiana Arts Commission that in the interest of privacy, personal contact information for grantees or other constituents (individual’s names, personal telephone numbers, and personal email addresses) will not be shared with outside entities or individuals.

In the case of an individual or entity with a “contractual service agreement” with the IAC, having said contract relationship does not guarantee enhanced access to information. Such requests for information may be determined to be shareable at the discretion of the Executive Director, and limited to the performance of that “contracted agreement for services.” This would include IAC Regional Arts Partners; other arts and cultural program partners and providers. Information may be approved for sharing by the Executive Director, and provided only for services related to that specific region or project. Information determined to be approved for sharing must not be shared beyond the limits of the contracted relationship with the IAC under penalty of cancelation of the contractual agreement.

In instances where a contracted service provider (e.g. a Regional Arts Partner or other arts and cultural program provider) has existing contact information by way of the contracted service, the information must not be shared outside the limits of that contracted relationship.

Individuals serving as IAC grant review panelists and having access to contact information included within the grant applications, must not share any contact information with any individual or organization outside the confines of the panel review process.

In addition to personal contact information, other information provided to the Arts Commission as part of a grant application may be deemed privileged information. This could include, but not be limited to: organization board lists and contacts; staffing contacts; budgets and expenditures for proposed projects; or other information which could violate the applicant / provider trust or relationship.

In advance of any approval to share contact information, the contracted service provider must disclose to the Arts Commission the purpose of the information request, how the information is to be used, and an advance copy of any and all communications to be sent to the requested contacts. The Arts Commission may deny the request for any reason determined to potentially risk the privacy of any constituent. The Arts Commission may also agree to the option of assisting the requesting party in distributing information.

As stipulated by Indiana Code, and the Public Access Counselor’s instruction, contact information deemed shareable with any entity or individual outside Indiana State Government may not be used for the purpose(s) of generating sales of any product or service; recruiting memberships; or enlisting other services not permitted of an agency of state government (e.g. lobbying activities).

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