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Apply to be a Statewide Cultural District

About the Program

There is currently limited project funding associated with Statewide Cultural District designation. State designated districts may also see increased tourism marketing and economic activities that come with being part of a branded program with a statewide emphasis. Managers and leaders of the state designated district are also invited to take part in convenings with their peers from around the state. 

Once a cultural district receives a Statewide Cultural District designation, the designation will last for the duration of the program unless the cultural district fails to comply with annual reporting requirements or the IAC Board of Commissioners determines the cultural district to no longer be viable for the community. Acceptance into the program signifies an ongoing commitment to the development and sustainability of the cultural district. Required annual reports will allow the IAC to assess the economic and community impact of the cultural district on the city, town or larger area it serves.

We are not currently accepting applications for new cultural district designations. For more information contact the program manager below.
Resources for Aspiring Cultural Districts

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Anna Tragesser
Artist and Community Services Manager