Noblesville Cultural Arts District

As one of the state’s oldest communities, Noblesville straddles the line between modern and historic — a phenomenon community leaders have dubbed “hipstoric” — and boasts a rich history that predates even Indianapolis. 

Noblesville’s identity hinges with a strong emphasis on preserving its history and heritage while embracing new things – it strengthens the authenticity of the community’s composition with the richness of historic buildings and the buzz of interesting things happening all around them.  

It is only natural that the Noblesville Cultural Arts District be defined by its people, places and experiences but also geographically within the downtown Noblesville core.  With a treasure trove of creativity and culture-related assets, barriers to creativity are removed and new loves of music, visual and performing arts are realized. Over the city's long history, these cultural assets have stimulated neighborhood-based economic development and brought vitality to the city's core. 

Noblesville map

Noblesville continues to be the home of the longest continuous running Shakespeare in the Park in Central Indiana (organized by the Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission), and the Indiana Transportation Museum which provides immersion experiences for guests on restored, historic trains year round. The Hamilton County Artists’ Association Fall Art Exhibit is now in its 65th year and boasts nationally known artists. But the city is also now home to the new Nickel Plate Arts Campus, dedicated to encouraging art and artists through studio and gallery space, classes, and frequent artistic events. Musicians, artists, and writers now regularly gather at Logan Street Sanctuary, a converted historic building near downtown for concerts, arts and literature events, workshops and classes. 

Noblesville’s ability to merge the old and new cultural arts experiences is evident in its downtown Courthouse Square where historic buildings retain their character and charm even while being repurposed for today's world. As you venture down tree-shaded brick-cobbled streets to nearby arts destinations like Nickel Plate Arts Campus and Logan Street Sanctuary, you will feel “at home” and, you will understand all that makes Noblesville truly "Hipstoric."

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