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IAC > Grants Awarded > FY2014 Grants for Individuals FY2014 Grants for Individuals

The IAC received 73 applicants for the FY2014 Individual Artist Program and was able to fund 39 of them.  Open disciplines for FY2014 included Dance, Literature, Music, and Theatre.


Iveta D Asons, Hamilton County
Iveta Asons will travel to the Latvian National Song and Dance Festival in Riga, Latvia to research and collect Latvian folk dances, which will be taught to the Indianapolis Latvian Folk Dance Ensemble.

U. Tamara Loewenthal, Monroe County
This project is designed to promote the percussive dance choreographic work of Tamara Loewenthal. It will be accomplished by producing a concert performance for the general public that will be videotaped for distribution. The project also contains an educational component of a clogging master class and a community square dance, to allow adults and children to learn more about these related dance forms and how they inform Tamara's work.

Roberta A Wong, Marion County
Roberta Wong will take a study trip to experience classes in Gaga, the movement method of Ohad Naharin, which will inform her work in new and exciting ways and will challenge her past as it imbues her present and future.


Alisa Alering, Monroe County
Ponypocalypse! is a humorous young-adult fantasy novel about a teen girl with a traumatic past who encounters demon-possessed ponies during her summer job at a performing animal theme park. Jayna must uncover the pony-love she once felt in her younger, more vulnerable years—before the accident that killed her parents and turned her whole life upside down—and dig deep within herself to connect with her own power, battle the demon that possesses the ponies, and save the world.

Joyce Brinkman, Marion County 
Former Indiana Poet Laureate Joyce Brinkman will produce 10,000 poetry postcards for distribution to Indianapolis Zoo visitors who experience the new orangutan exhibition, which is opening in 2014. The poems on the postcards will come from her attempts to share the creative process with the orangutans at their new home, and will help Brinkman explore collaboration in the creative process with one of humanities closest relatives.

Maurice Broaddus, Marion County
The project to be completed is a novel entitled Special ED: The Usual Suspects. When something goes wrong at school, the principal rounds up "the usual suspects". Led by Thelonius Mitchell and Nehmiah Caldwell, the class of misfits and outcasts has to figure out what really happened in order to clear their names.

Curtis L. Crisler, Allen
45's & 33's chronicles two narrators who find their identity through the cultural and social norms of an urban Midwestern upbringing. It's the music of R&B legend, Stevie Wonder, and Junior's song, "Mama Used to Say" that has the two Black narrators connect to their southern roots. 45's & 33's is the truest representation of art marrying reality.

Melissa Fraterrigo, Tippecanoe County
Teensy’s Daughter follows four decades of people who live in the fictional town of Ingleside, Indiana, as their livelihood shifts from farming to tourism. When an amusement park, Glory Days, is erected, residents of this small town are forced to transform their simple community into something unfamiliar. Through it all, the inhabitants of Ingleside search for forgiveness—for their disintegrating family bonds, for loneliness, for their weak and failing bodies—amidst constant change and malice.

Jill Coleen Kelly-Koren, Jefferson County
The Work of the Body is a manuscript in progress by poet Jill Kelly Koren. She will complete the manuscript, submit it for publication, and use that publication as a platform to inspire other writers through readings, signings and free writing workshops in schools and libraries across the state.

Anna L. Liechty, Marshall County
The Confessions of the Huckleberry Queen is a work of historical fiction in progress. Anna Liechty is researching this legendary woman of Marshall County, Indiana, to verify historical connections between claims made in her 1879 biography and extant primary documents in Indianapolis and Chicago. While the work is grounded in historical reality, the author has chosen to fictionalize the writing in order to explore contemporary issues of gender roles, hypocrisy, sexuality and power.

Shawndra B. Miller, Marion County
Shawndra Miller will travel to the west coast to research and write two chapters of her work-in-progress, a nonfiction book on community resilience. The book weaves her personal story with profiles of groups responding to the linked threats of economic distress, food insecurity, energy contraction, and global warming. The stories will show that a more fulfilling, healthy, and earth-sustaining way of life is possible, indeed necessary, if we are to leave a livable planet to future generations.

Mark Neely, Delaware County
Mark Neely is completing work on his second book, Dirty Bomb, a collection of poems which details one man's struggle to navigate his fractured and frantically-paced 21st Century life, living under the shadow of the “War on Terror” and the threat of environmental destruction. Neely is an Associate Professor of English at Ball State University. His first book, Beasts of the Hill, won the FIELD Poetry Prize and was published by Oberlin College Press in 2012.

Nancy Pulley, Bartholomew County
The grant will provide funds to help revise and edit a full length book of poems which takes place in Southwest Indianapolis. The book deals with the deaths of a father and a mother, and the intense memories of a childhood lived against the backdrop of the 1950s complete with junk wagon, candy store and wringer washer. The funds will also purchase a computer, and help with the cost of sending out the poetry manuscript for publication.

Mark Smith, Artist Access, Clay County
Project Title: The Way of the Veteran. A written collection of conversations in dialogue, free verse and spoken word format that address important questions for veterans regarding topics such as disability, attitude, purpose and meaning after leaving the military. The outline of the work will serve as entertainment yet at the same time-penetrating difficult topics that many veterans struggle with.

Colleen Steffen, Delaware County
Writer Colleen Steffen spent five years researching the life and times of 9-year-old Catherine Winters, who disappeared from New Castle, Ind., on March 20, 1913, never to be seen again. Unearthing a vast cache of newspaper articles and historical records devoted to the girl's brief reign as the most famous missing child in America and the devastating consequences of her unsolved mystery on her family and town, Steffen has written a historical nonfiction book about the case.

Shari M. Wagner, Hamilton County
This grant provides the support needed to compose 12 poems in the voice of a fictional Mennonite farm wife. When added to 13 existing poems, these new poems will complete, or almost complete, a chapbook-length manuscript devoted to the voice of a woman who feels the fragility of a way of life to which she is deeply attached. For the poet, this persona represents what her life might have been like had she lived in a Mennonite farming community, as generations of her family before her.


Allison Ballard, Allen
Allison Ballard, Director of Fort Wayne Taiko, has been awarded a grant to study taiko in Japan for three weeks. Upon returning home, Ms. Ballard will integrate these experiences into taiko classes, outreach programs and performances serving 700 students and adults, including adults with developmental disabilities. Ms. Ballard will also compose an original taiko song that will be presented at FW Taiko's Knock on Wood performance on November 3, 2013 at the University of Saint Francis. 

Pamela Blevins Hinkle, Marion County
A comprehensive website will be developed to promote and provide public access to Pam's creative work including her compositions (chants, canons/rounds, and hymn arrangements), her workshops for community and choir (songleading, improvisation, body music, and chant), her writings, as well as her public performances with THIN AIR (an improvisational band), the annual Winter Solstice Singing Ritual, among others.

Kathleen Boyd, Marion County
Pianist Kate Boyd will be using IAC grant funds to make a recording of the landmark work "Sonatas and Interludes," a twenty-movement composition for prepared piano by avant-garde composer John Cage (1912-1992). The CD recording is the outgrowth of a year of performing, researching, and lecturing about this epic work. At the CD launch event at Butler University, she will give an interactive public workshop on the prepared piano and John Cage.

C. Alin Cass, Allen
Tenor soloist and teacher of singing C. Alin Cass will take twenty-two hours of instruction in singing and teaching from Steven Schnurman, a master singing teacher located near Princeton New Jersey. Steven is a graduate of the Juillard School. Lessons will be received via Skype. Vocal recitals will be presented in both Warsaw and Fort Wayne, Indiana in November 2013 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of composer Benjamin Britten's birth.

 Michael Drews, Marion County
“Death of the Mechanical Man” is a 15 minute electroacoustic composition combining cello, percussion and live computer processing of audio and visual materials. As part of the project, the piece will be performed at free public concert in Indianapolis by Big Robot, a computer-acoustic trio based in Indianapolis. Grant funds will be used to cover costs of the creation and performance of this work.

Carolyn Dutton, Brown County
To research, design and perform a multi-media concert celebrating Gypsy jazz which combines narrative and images with a live performance of the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. To gain further information and inspiration about the genre by attending the 35th annual Festival de Jazz Django Reinhardt in Samois-sur-Seine, France.

Elizabeth K. Efroymson, Marion County
The project for Elizabeth Efroymson will be in three parts, starting with four lessons from a master teaching in a concentrated period. These lessons will be followed by the making of a professional quality videotape to be used for an application to become a teacher training. The last component will be a public recital of the pieces and performances by her advanced students.

Guy M. Hardy, Monroe County
Guy M. Hardy is a classically trained orchestral oboist with over 40 years of experience. With IAP funds for technical support, he will create an innovative new sound for jazz oboe and English horn. With these new solo colors he hopes to entice local jazz composers and arrangers to develop original jazz-fusion/New Age music uniquely suited to his instruments' technical possibilities and expressive palettes.

Raymond B. Horton, Floyd County
"America the Beautiful" will be an approximately 20 minute work for actor/narrators, singers, instrumentalists and projected images, all portraying the multi-ethnic historical and musical heritage of the United States and framed around an account of the writing of America's most-loved song "America the Beautiful."

Janiece Jaffe, Monroe County
Janiece Jaffe will be expanding the possibilities of improvising with crystal bowls in the context of collaborating with other artists in a concert setting. This grant will enable her to purchase a set of traveling crystal bowls and carriers for ease of transportation.

Amelia S. Kaplan, Delaware County
Amelia Kaplan will compose a string quartet of between 15-18 minutes, which will be premiered at the 2014 Ball State Festival of New Music.

Joshua Pedde, Hamilton County 
Joshua Pedde, Assistant Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Children's Choir, will utilize resources from the American Choral Director's Association's 2014 Children's and Community Youth Choir Retreat to direct children's choir performances and reach thousands of children and families through formal concerts, in-school presentations, and workshops. Pedde will also gather best practices in choral conducting as well as new and diverse repertoire to share with over 55 local educators.

Aryn Day Sweeney, Delaware County
The commission of a new composition for oboe and voice to be performed by Aryn Day Sweeney at the International Double Reed Convention, held in New York City during the summer of 2014. This commission is part of a larger project conceived of by Dr. Sweeney which will culminate in the publication of a Compact Disc of new works for oboe by American composers.


Jennifer Blackmer, Delaware County
Jennifer Blackmer's new play UNRAVELED explores the pain of loss in a family afflicted by cancer and chemotherapy-induced dementia. During the grant period, Jennifer will complete the research and writing of the play, and workshop it in a staged reading at Ball State University.

Michael Burke, Marion County
Michael Burke will attend the 2013 Lincoln Center Director's Lab to facilitate his work as a director and deviser. With the newly-acquired knowledge he will embark on two theatrical creations for Indianapolis audiences with Indy-based NoExit Performance: "The Bullying Project", promoting acceptance and anti-bullying to be taken into Indianapolis schools, and "Awkward Unicorn: A Kind of Rap Musical," a satire promoting equality and self-contentment.

Krista Iverson Detor, Monroe County
The Breeze Bends the Grass: A two-hour musical theater experience, set in the 1920s and based in and around the lives and works of a handful of Indiana's finest women artists who struggled for their rightful placement in the arts community. What did they do when the whole world said no?

Arthur Feinsod, Vigo County
Arthur Feinsod will develop and direct a workshop production of ABRAHAM, a new musical he is co-writing with Chicago playwrights Andrew Park and Rohina Malik with original music by composer Scott Lamps. A two-week development workshop will culminate in a read-through/sing-through performance on July 27th for a special audience. Further development of the musical will result in preview performances in Terre Haute (June 2014) leading to the world premiere of ABRAHAM in Chicago in fall 2014.

Rita Hight, Floyd County
Attending the Broadway Teachers Workshop in New York City during the summer of 2013, promises to provide valuable experience in enhancing artistic and technical expertise in directing theatrical productions. The workshop also provides the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals, eight workshops and master classes, and four tickets to Broadway shows. Evidence of success will be measured by the quality of future school and community productions and increased professional opportunities.

Kimberly McCann, Marion County
"Wry" is a one-act, one-woman show that presents the real-time initial therapy session of just-turned-forty and newly divorced Phoebe Caulfield. Mining J. D. Salinger's iconic novel, "The Catcher in the Rye," "Wry" explores themes of feminism, family, mental illness, and success from the point of view of protagonist Holden Caulfield's younger sister as she attempts to rebuild her life.

Ryan Siobhan O'Shea, Marion County
Ryan O'Shea is an Indianapolis actor and teaching artist pursuing certification in Fitzmaurice Voicework®, a voice-based training program for actors and singers, as well as others from all backgrounds hoping to better express themselves through their voices. Upon completion of the certification process, Ryan hopes to bring the training to the local professional and educational theatre communities throughout the state of Indiana.

Chad Rabinovitz, Monroe County
Chad Rabinovitz will travel to New York City to attend the New York Musical Theatre Festival and Broadway productions while making connections with some of the top artists in his field. Upon return to Bloomington, Chad will use this new-found knowledge to inform his direction of a new musical premiering at both Indiana University and the Bloomington Playwrights Project. The project is specifically designed to take Chad to the next level of his career as a musical theatre director.

Beverly Ann Roche, Marion County
Professional actor and arts educator Beverly Roche will bring the puppets to the people in a mobile micro puppet theatre. The first project will be puppet jukebox performed in shadow.

Daniel P. Russel, Marion County
Danny Russel, a professional Abraham Lincoln impersonator based in Indianapolis, will conduct scholarly research in Gettysburg during the sesquicentennial celebration recognizing historic battles. He will also visit Washington, D.C. to gather additional material for his touring program, culminating in a revised portrayal depicting Lincoln's life in the White House and his experience dedicating a national cemetery in Pennsylvania with some of the most famous and inspiring words ever spoken.