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FY2013 Individual Artist Program

The IAC received 114 applicants for the FY2013 Individual Artist Program and was able to fund 38. Open disciplines included Crafts, Design, Media Arts, Photography, and Visual Arts. 


Lesley Baker, Marion
Lesley will create a series of assembled pieces made from recycled ceramic wares altered by cutting, sandblasting and adding imagery that will be fired in a computer controlled kiln. The forms will have floral references and show the potential of growth with existing resources.

Jane Case Vickers, Vanderburgh
Jane Case Vickers will take time to study, explore and teach metal working and enameling techniques used in jewelry making. She will attend a class at WW Carpenter foundation in Belleview, Ky. Afterward she will begin an art making retreat, setting up an enameling studio, exploring metal work and enameling in New Harmony, IN where she will spend 12 days, with 2 days teaching an intro to enameling metal course with New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art and the University of Southern IN.

Scott Frankenberger, Tippecanoe
Scott Frankenberger, a ceramic artist of 40 years, will use the IAC grant to design and build a replacement kiln in his studio workshop. The project will involve assistance from other learning artists, and will be documented for future reference for similar projects, in a digital format involving video and still images, with support text. In the end, a public event will be held to inform those who attend about kiln design and function, and how a kiln is central to the life of a studio potter and artist.

Abigail Gitlitz, Monroe
Abby Gitlitz makes whimsical blown glass cake stands that are as much of a work of art as the fabulous desserts kept under their domes. Some balance precariously on stacked balls, some creep along on glass octopus tentacles. She will pair her stands with baked goods from local bakeries for the Art of Chocolate benefit at the IU Art Museum in January 2013.

Catherine Laska, Vigo
Cathie Laska will use her grant to attend a Navajo weaving class in Taos, New Mexico. She will study traditional Navajo weaving and integrate her own unique style and materials with this historic art form. In addition, she will use her experiences to give her students and the public Navajo culture and weaving experiences, through lessons in weaving, using the Navajo loom in the art room, and giving assemblies at each school.

Linda LeMar, Tippecanoe
Linda LeMar will use her IAC grant to purchase a test kiln to develop new glazes for her sculpture. Ms. LeMar is known for her ability to use texture and color to communicate her ideas. She will use new glazes to produce work for an upcoming show at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and other professional venues. She will also demonstrate her techniques and glazes to students at Jefferson High School, the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, and adult and senior learners with cognitive disabilities.

Janet M. McCune, Delaware
Jan McCune will use her Indiana Arts Commission grant to purchase the necessary supplies and equipment for creating fifteen copper, brass and/or silver bracelets that illustrate two basic forms: cuff and link bracelets. Cuff bracelets are an open band of metal that slips onto the wrist. Link bracelets are individual segments joined together with tabs, hinges, rivets, jump rings etc. and fastened onto the wrist with some type of hook or closure.

Patricia Nelson, Delaware
Patricia Nelson will make a series of brooch/neckpiece combinations using metal, enamel, semi precious stones, beads, and fabrics. These jewelry pieces will be paired with garments designed and made by Michigan fiber artist Ann Baddley Keister. The jewelry and garment combinations will be featured in a fashion show and exhibition at Gordy's Fine Art and Framing in Muncie, IN.

Stephanie Robertson, Marion
Stephanie Robertson will use the monies received through this grant to purchase a digital camera and iPad to document her work through the internet, blogging sites, and social media outlets. She will also use these tools to instruct her Fine Arts students at Ivy Tech Community College Central Indiana about how to document their work.

Lisa Walsh, Tippecanoe
Lisa Walsh will attend the Jewelry Technician Intensive Program at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California, to learn jewelry design and fabrication skills. She will exhibit new jewelry created during the project and host an artist's talk at the Tippecanoe Art Federation in Lafayette, Indiana, in May, 2013.

Barbara Zech, Marion
Barbara Zech will use the IAC grant to develop a body of work in handmade paper. She plans to explore and create large scale two dimensional and three dimensional pieces of contemporary art made up of various types of paper pulp fibers, plants, and materials. The culmination of her work will be exhibited in June 2013, with an artist talk open to the public.


James Sholly, Marion
James Sholly has produced a publication entitled Commercial Article. Commercial Article is a research project that aims to document noteworthy design and designers from Indiana that have not received the attention some of their more celebrated (but no more talented) peers have received. The fifth in a series, this issue pays tribute to Edward Pierre, an architect whose talent spanned many decades and greatly impacted the architectural landscape of central Indiana.

Media Arts

Dan Rybicky, Lake
ALMOST THERE tells the complex story behind the acclaimed 2010 exhibit at Chicago’s Intuit Center for Outsider and Intuitive Art that two filmmakers collaborated on with 80 year-old Northwest Indiana resident Peter Anton. The documentary explores what happens when a long-buried secret from Anton’s past almost shuts the exhibit down, and chronicles the tumultuous transition the artist makes out of his condemned childhood home and into a retirement community: the happiest place he’s ever been.


Linda Adele Goodine, Marion
Made in Mexico involves the simultaneous translation of Spanish and English voices, photographs, text and papel picado flags, forming a large-scale, multimedia installation. At its core are the voices of those affected by the drug-cartel violence occurring in Mexico. This work will champion tolerance while celebrating differences, stress the importance of multicultural and educational exchange between the U.S. and Mexico, and address a history of inattention toward Mexico.

John Bower, Monroe
This grant will assist the artist in successfully creating a well-attended solo exhibition and PowerPoint presentation, featuring his black-and-white photography, at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, Indiana, by providing funding for materials, promotional postcards, postage, and travel expenses.

Jacinda Russell, Delaware
In this series, Russell explores the eccentric behavior of three individuals as seen through their interactions with objects: Marilyn Monroe photographs, thousands of cats archived in a 1940s scrapbook, and covered artwork unable to be viewed in hotel rooms. She is interested in conveying a visual narrative through real life experiences. The object is transformed into a portrait and symbol of fixation.

Kay Westhues, St. Joseph
Kay Westhues will use her Individual Artist Program funds to purchase a large format camera and supplies to begin a new series of work about people who fish the rivers in Indiana’s cities.

Visual Arts

Leticia Bajuyo, Jefferson
With the financial support of the IAC, Leticia Bajuyo will create a new series of graphite drawings on antique player piano rolls and wood panels that are framed to look like historical documents. The drawings would include diagrams and renderings of machines, like the player piano, that are analog devices often found at antique shops or thrift stores. These machines were once the "next best thing" that everyone wanted, but societal desires have moved on to newer, shinier machines.

Jasmine Begeske, Tippecanoe
I plan to attend Penland School of Crafts, for the workshop: “Solving Problems: Collage & Paint." This intensive two week workshop will give me the skills to finish my current body of printmaking work. I then hope to exhibit this new work as well as speak about my process.

Petronio Bendito, Tippecanoe
For the past ten years Petronio Bendito’s artwork has focused primarily on the examination of color. For these large-scale prints he conducted colors studies in which he devised color schemes based on natural disasters such as Haiti earthquakes, landslides in Brazil, or the tsunami in Japan. For the artist, the work functions as a subliminal interface that acknowledges the fragility of humankind and honors humanity as a whole.

Edward Bernstein, Monroe
Bernstein will create a 4x8 foot mixed media piece combining digital prints on vinyl with chain-link fence illustrating the discrepancy between the rich, middle class, and urban poor in emerging Brazil.  It will contrast a beautiful art park, “Inhotim,” the inner city favelas which have their own unique urban “beauty.” Thus, it will highlight important social issues in Brazil.

Elizabeth Busey, Monroe
Elizabeth Busey's work explores nature's patterns, looking for connections across scales. She will expand her etching press in order to create new larger relief prints. She will share her new work by displaying a new large print (30" x 40") in each of four non-traditional art display settings, and encourage the viewers to actively engage with the work through written responses.

Dawn Diamantopoulos, Lake
Dawn Diamantopoulos is using the grant for supplies for a new body of work, "Alternate Realities," which focuses on the basic human need of safety, both physical and emotional. This will include large scale abstract paintings and mixed media work which will stylistically create a bridge between her current works. She is having a solo show of her artwork at South Shore Arts in Crown Point to share her new work with the public.

Minda Douglas, Hamilton
Minda Douglas used her IAC grant to complete a project titled Premise of Place. She completed a series of interpretive and symbolic mixed media drawings inspired by natural places in Indiana and Michigan.

Leanne Ellis, Monroe
Leanne Ellis a professional studio potter with 33 years of experience is expanding her creative possibilities with the construction and firing of a 25 cu ft wood fired kiln. This is one of only a few such kilns in Southern Indiana.

Terra Fuller, Steuben
Terra Fuller will participate in a 3-woman exhibition titled "Fallen Cave Paintings: Mouhou, Touria, and Zahra" at Fort Point Arts Community Gallery in Boston, MA, and present a mini-exhibition at the Fremont Public Library in Fremont, Indiana. The exhibitions will show Fuller's multi-disciplinary artwork alongside her Moroccan carpet-weaving mentors, pairing the ancient art of carpet weaving with contemporary media and showing work that is created outside of the traditional gallery environment.

Sayaka Ganz, Allen
The grant will assist the artist to conduct wildlife research and exhibit her work at the galleries on the Isle of Man in the UK. The research will fuel future projects and the exhibitions will help expand her international exposure and client base.

Brian Harper, Floyd
With this award, Brian Harper will create artwork that investigates a new paradigm in how we share information. Using a 3D scanner and 3D printer, he will be researching how an object's "information" is encoded in a digital file which can then be shared across vast distances. The research will culminate in an exhibition that will discuss some of the ramifications of this technology and will provide insight into our human capacity to encode and transfer information from one person to another.

Susan Hodgin, Marion
"Internal Spaces" will encompass several bodies of mixed media 2D work. Each series will explore different aspects of the artist's personal journey through cancer, pregnancy, and parenthood.

Mary Jo Maraldo, Vigo
The artist will create a room-size installation work that evokes an environment of flowing water and its aesthetic value. Silver text written cursively and vertically on sheets of black paper on the walls will suggest meandering streams and will be reflected in black Plexiglas both above and below, giving the impression of deep pools of water. A sculptural fountain in the room will add sounds made by flowing water, and steel poles suggesting groups of trees will interconnect the entire space.

Charlene Marsh, Brown
Charlene Marsh plans to use the grant to purchase a laptop computer to access high speed internet at public portals to utilize the world wide web to market her oil paintings. She also plans to use the monies to purchase signage for her Brown County art gallery.

Craig Martin, Tippecanoe
This project will involve the development of a series of mixed media drawings exploring the enigmatic visual narratives of tree and plant forms and expressive, direct-drawing techniques. Tree silhouettes function as both symbolic representations of individual persona and as organically edged shapes for exploratory drawing. Grant funds will cover travel expenses and paint and drawing supplies, including quality paper and wooden drawing “canvases” in a variety of sizes.

Dora C. Natella, St. Joseph
Natella plans to produce two figurative bronze sculptures for a group exhibition at the Fredrik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI. This figurative exhibition, titled: "Body Double: The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture," is scheduled for September 19, 2012 through January 6, 2013. This prestigious exhibition is a unique opportunity for this artist to gain more visibility in the art world, the community, as well as in academia.

Betsy Stirratt, Monroe
Betsy Stirratt plans to produce a color printed catalog with an essay to document her recent paintings for an upcoming solo exhibit in Chicago.

Neil S. Taylor, Monroe
This project is a suite of prints entitled; "Living Next Door to Agribusiness." It will be composed of engravings that illustrate the contrasts visible in a rural life altered by industrialized farming.

Melissa Washburn, Porter
Melissa Washburn will create a body of work depicting migratory birds of the Indiana Dunes. The grant will allow her to travel to various study collections in the region to work from real birds rather than photographs, and to attend a course in illustration techniques at the Art Institute of Chicago. The resulting series of 8-10 mixed media works will be exhibited at the Dunes Environmental Learning Center in Chesterton, IN during the spring of 2013.

Peter Williams, Vigo
Peter Williams will use the IAC Grant to help fund the creation of two new artworks exploring rivers. Starting with the Wabash River, his research will trace geographic, economic, environmental, social, metaphoric and poetic connections to other rivers locally and around the world.

Sala Wong, Vigo
Sala Wong will use the IAC grant to help fund her artist-in-residence project in Tokyo, Japan. Her project is about the subtle changes in how people relate to their immediate environments following a disaster such as the nuclear crisis in Fukushima Daiichi. After completing and showing the work in Tokyo, she will exhibit it in Terre Haute, Indiana, providing an opportunity for local audiences to reflect upon the often-unnoticed human impacts of such a far-reaching event.