Reporting Information

Grant Modification

Any significant changes to your original grant proposal (major changes to who, what, when, or why; total income or expenses will deviate by greater than 20%) should be discussed with your grant program manager before moving forward. If necessary, your grant program manager may require you to complete and submit a grant modification follow up form for their approval. This form will be assigned through the IAC online system. Contact your program manager if you think this would apply to you. 

​Final Grant Reports

Final reports will be assigned to you through the IAC's online grant system unless otherwise noted in the program guidelines. The final report link will appear under on your dashboard, and you will be notified it is there via email from the online system.

  • For grantees that do not submit a report by the deadline, the following will result:

    • For reports up to one week late an automatic 15% will be deducted from the grantee’s total grant award;
    • For reports later than one week and up to two weeks late the entire final grant payment will be rescinded;
    • After two weeks, the grantee’s full grant will be rescinded and the grantee will be ineligible to receive funds for the next cycle of any IAC grant opportunity.   
  • If you need assistance with the Final Grant Report, contact your program manager.