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General Information
Accessing the Online Grant System
Computer / Technical Requirements
Completing Your Application / Report
Common Submission Problems
General Grantee Responsibilities

General Information

How do I apply for a grant?
Click here for instructions on how to use the online grant system.

Where can I find program information, application instructions, etc.?
Visit the grant program page..

Do I need a DUNS number?
All organizations must have a DUNS number to apply for a grant. Click here to apply for a DUNS number.

Accessing the Online Grant System

How do I access the IAC's Online Grant System?
Click here for instructions on how to use the online grant system.

What will I need to register for the IAC's Online Grants System?

  • A valid e-mail address

When do I use the IAC's Online Grants System?

  • When you are ready to submit a grant application.
  • When you are ready to submit reports.
  • When you need to access a PDF of your application or final report.
  • When your contact information (individual or organization) changes.

When NOT to use the IAC's Online Grants System.

  • When you are deciding which grant programs are right for you.
  • When you are trying to find panel information or deadlines.

Is the IAC's Online Grant System secure?

The latest TLS/SSL encryption standards are utilized for account/application access within the IAC's Online Grant System. This standard ensures that no confidential information can be easily intercepted during a user's session with Foundant Technologies™. The software provider's servers identify themselves using public keys. These public key certificates are issued by VeriSign, a leader provider of Internet security infrastructure.

Computer/Technical Requirements

What software/hardware do I need to use the Indiana Arts Commission's Online Grants System?

  1. High Speed Internet Access 
  2. A Current/Up-To-Date Web Browser - We recommend using the most recent version of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome for optimal performance and compatibility when working in the online system. 
  3. Windows XP or Mac OSX or Higher
  4. The most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader - This is a free application that you will need to preview or print the application as a PDF. Visit the Adobe website to download Acrobat Reader. 

I have a dial-up internet connection, will the Indiana Arts Commission's Online Grants System work for me?

What if I don't have a computer?
Many local libraries offer free internet access or you can schedule a time to visit the IAC office to complete the application.

I have an Apple computer. Can I use the Indiana Arts Commission's Online Grants System?

Completing your application/report

Can I work on my application at any time?

Can I save my work and come back to the application?

What if I miss the deadline?
The Indiana Arts Commission's Online Grants System will accept applications until 4:30 p.m. on the deadline date. After that time, applications will be considered late and ineligible for submission.

Can I print out a copy of my application?

Can I cut and paste text for my application from Microsoft Word or another text editor?
Yes but the formatting will create issues for you. The best way to avoid this problem is to type directly into the application. You can then copy and paste text from the online grants system into Microsoft Word to spell check.

Do I need to submit a hard copy of my application?

How will I know if my application has been received?
You will get an e-mail from the Indiana Arts Commission's Online Grants System confirming submission.

Once I submit my application, can I continue to edit it?

My contact information has changed, how do I update it?
If you have created a profile in the Indiana Arts Commission's Online Grants System, you will be able to log in to update your information at any time.

How do I know if my application requires artistic documentation?
Review your guidelines carefully to identify what kinds of documentation are required and how they need to be submitted.

Common Submission Problems

Character Count Exceeded
If you exceed the character account for a question, the Indiana Arts Commission's online grant system will not let you submit the application/final report until the character count is within the set amount. 

Trouble Loading a Page or Accessing Data:

  • Close your internet session and open a new one
  • Clear your cache/history
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of your browser and update it if you are not

Trouble Uploading a File:

  • Use a different browser and see if it makes a difference (Firefox or Chrome are great to try if you are using something else)
  • Check your file size. Anything 8MB or over will not upload.

Grantee Responsibilities

What kind of paperwork do I have to complete to receive money from the State of Indiana?
Because this varies slightly with each program, you will receive a list of paperwork for which you are responsible with your grant agreement.

Do I have to provide a Tax ID/FEIN?

Am I responsible for paying taxes on the money I receive?
Yes. Any questions regarding tax forms should be directed to the Office of the Auditor of the State at 317-232-3300.

What if my grant project changes?
Any changes must be discussed with your program manager. If necessary you'll be required to complete a modification form found here.

How will I receive payment? 
Click here for payment schedule information.

How do I submit a final report?
Click here for instructions on how to submit your final report.