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Fiscal Year 2011 Individual Artist Program Grantees

The IAC received 140 applications for the FY2011 Individual Artist Program.  Out of the 140 applications, 53 were funded (including Artist Access). Open disciplines for FY2011 included Crafts, Design, Media Arts, Photography, and Visual Arts.

  • The Artist Access category of the Individual Artist Program for FY2011 is a one year program supported by funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies through the Accessibility Leadership Award. This category is designed to recognize artists with disabilities as active, producing members of the Indiana arts community.  Artists applying for an Artist Access grant could apply in any discipline.
    • The IAC received 22 applications for the Artist Access category and awarded 14 grants with the funds available.


Suzanne Carter
County: Vigo
Zann Carter will use her grant to purchase a special floor loom in order to learn Saori weaving. She will integrate these free-weaving techniques and concepts with other fiber arts as well as use them for her community work with the healing power of expressive art. Her project includes members of the community weaving an earth/peace banner on the Saori loom.

Jane Case Vickers
County:  Vanderburgh
Indiana Artist Jane Case Vickers is applying for a IAP grant to assist her development of new skills and a new body of work, offer time for creative repose and venues for display. Vickers plans to spend time working on artwork, attending enameled metal jewelry workshop and mounting two exhibitions displaying new works. She will teach her skills to others at the University of Southern Indiana and Patchwork Central. She is employed teaching at both places.

Lisa L. Dayvolt
County:  Vanderburgh
Lisa Dayvolt will use the grant to create a large scale body of glass art that is qualified for fine craftsmanship gallery exhibits. The Individual Artist Grant will offset expenses for study at the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, Washington. By receiving this advanced training in warm glass applications she will be able to enrich her community not only through the gallery exhibits, but also through the children's program at Patchwork Central, and by delivering fused glass classes to her students.

Lydia Gerbig-Fast
County: Allen
Lydia Gerbig-Fast will be constructing a copper plating/electroforming and etching facility. Copper plating and etching, electroforming of organic forms, and subsequent enameling will be used for the creation of elements in a body of wearable art jewelry to be shown in a solo exhibition at Artifacts Gallery in Broad Ripple, June 24- July 18, 2011.

Nancy Lee
County:  Marion
Nancy Lee will expand her artistic boundaries in a hands-on intensive workshop in Pennsylvania taught by Charles Pinkney, an accomplished metalsmith and jewelry maker. Nancy will receive instruction regarding the fabrication of medium-scale sculptural objects made from metals and other materials. The resulting series of sculptural works will be unveiled in a 2011 exhibition called “Push: Exploring Boundaries.”

Daren Pitts Redman
County:  Brown
Daren Redman will create a body of work using fabric manipulated with the arashi shibori technique to create a 3D interactive art installation. Viewers will be able to touch and reshape the installation to create their own artistic composition at Wonderlab in Bloomington, Indiana.

Read our interview with Daren.

Michele Heather Pollock
County:  Brown
“What It Means To Be Human” is a visual exploration of scientific and philosophical definitions of humanity. The project consists of a series of artwork, including fiber art pieces and mixed media works, each attempting to provide one definition of “humanness” through a particular lens.

Gregory Allen Sayers
County: Ripley
The grant for turning segmented wooden bowls will provide a fresh new approach to teaching the various aspects of woodworking. The users of the video will have a detailed resource to plan and construct a very detailed bowl using techniques learned from the video. Once this project is completed the student will have knowledge that can be used to complete most any wood working project.

Dani M. Tippmann (Folk Arts)
County:  Whitley
The Individual Artist Program grant will allow Dani Tippmann to photograph Miami Tribal Elders and Culture Bearers as they teach about the traditional uses of cattails in Miami culture. The Miami are the indigenous people of Indiana.  In order to understand them we must first understand the flora and fauna from which they received their heritage. The grant will not only give Dani a better understanding of her Miami heritage, it will give the opportunity for cultural understanding to all of us.

Mary Ann Van Soest
County: Jasper
This grant will provide funding for an emerging artist to set up a ceramic studio at home, providing maximum opportunity to make art and develop as a professional artist.

Design Arts

Valerie J. Birk
County: Delaware
This project provides high fashion accessible clothing. The garments created will have accessible closures and will be more convenient and functional for those with disabilities.

Catherine A. Fritsch
County:  Hamilton
Catherine Fritsch's Transformation project is an exploration of altering the human silhouette through sculpture on the body. Fritsch will be constructing a line of garments that color outside the lines of the human form: bold, textural, possibly even bizarre...a more theatrical look at fashion.


Jody Michele Powers
County: Delaware
Jody Michele Powers plans to write her novel "Loved at Last". In this story, Jody explores the journey to self-acceptance of a woman with cerebral palsy. The broadening of perceptions of women with disabilities is the aim of Jody's work.

Media Arts

Sara Beanblossom Huntington
County:  Marion
"Float: Perspectives of adoptees on identity" is a documentary film that will explore the life journey of a small group of adoptees. After participating in Maine Media Workshops, a formal treatment and revised fundraising trailer will be created to distribute to funding sources.

Michael Flaherty
County:  Vigo
To assist in artist career development and costs related to the production of a multi-media art series utilizing the people of, and pertaining to, Terre Haute, IN, with the goal of popularizing contemporary audio and video techniques in Indiana, while expanding the artist’s repertoire. The integration of Audio, Video, and Event Production in the project will show a contemporary folklore while reflecting and digitally processing local tradition and customs in a pop context.

Duane Busick
County:  Monroe
"The FEAST of the Hunters' Moon," a historical documentary produced by Duane Busick, tells the story of one of the top festivals in the state of Indiana. This 18th Century "rendezvous" is held each fall at Fort Ouiatenon near Lafayette, Indiana. The program captures the spectacle and excitement of this 18th century world while conveying the passion and dedication the re-enactors have for creating a time-traveling educational experience for visitors.

William Baer
County:  Vanderburgh
"Three Generations of Imbeciles" is a screenplay adaption by William Baer of his own play of the same title. It tells the fictional story of a young lawyer in 1927 who contests one of the 70,000 forced sterilizations which the U.S. government supported in the 20th Century.


Sean Cortright
County: Monroe
“Bandit Song” will be the first album from Sean Cortright, an emerging songwriter living in Bloomington, Indiana. Sean’s simple folk lyrics, acoustic guitar, and rustic voice will be accompanied by instrumental embellishments that will suggest a narrative and emotional arc like that of a classic film score.  For a video interview with Sean, visit http://vimeo.com/21258253.


Timothy D. Berg
County:  Delaware
Timothy Berg is using his grant to attend a workshop, where he'll learn to make wet-plate collodion photographs, a 19th century handmade photographic technique, and to purchase supplies to make these photographs.

John Bower
County:  Monroe
To assist in the purchase of a pre-owned Pentax 67 medium-format film camera and lenses that will allow the artist to create larger prints than he is currently able to do.

John Gevers
County:  Allen
John Gevers, a photographic artist, is attending a Peter Turnley street photography workshop in New York City. He is honing the art of making compelling, storytelling portraits as he continues his work to tell the stories largely of those in our society who live in the margins. He is currently creating a documentary exhibition featuring refugees living in northern Indiana. More information is at: http://www.yearningtobreathefree.wordpress.com/.

Frances Lattanzio
County:  Vigo
Fran Lattanzio will use the grant to work with 19th century photographic materials. The platinum process is often described as the most sensitive and elegant of all the varied photographic processes. In this digital age, Lattanzio remains committed to maintaining an awareness of the many and varied processes that have been used throughout the history of photographic art.

Craig McCormick
County:  Marion
Real estate developers and brokers will often whitewash a building to erase it's old identity and prepare it for a new use. The photographs in 'Whitewashed' study the idea of soul-cleansing in the act of whitewashing – a counterpoint to the natural entropy which reclaims the built environment once abandoned. My project 'Economic Entropy' documented the fall of the built environment in the recession, and 'Whitewashed' now documents the rebirth of the built environment as it becomes repurposed.

Larry D. Mickow, Jr.
County: Lake
Larry D. Mickow, Jr. has received a grant to purchase a state-of-the-art printer able to print large format prints and digital negatives to make platinum prints. This printer will also be used to facilitate a digital negative workshop in Northwest Indiana.

Kendal Miller (Photography by Kendal)
County: Ohio
Kendal Miller will build a new photography website to increase sales and awareness of her work by integrating a professional "ad free" web presence. Being more mobile will allow her to work on-site, presenting her work instantly to portrait/event clients, as well as conduct public promotional/educational slideshows at galleries and exhibits. Both of these factors will provide immediate and future opportunities to build and sustain her photography business.

Susan L. Moore
County:  St. Joseph
Susan L. Moore will produce a portfolio of images documenting the ordinary everyday landscape of north central Indiana. These mural size prints will be produced using a large format camera, wide angle lens, color film and film scanner.

Eric A. Nisly
County:  Elkhart
Photographer Eric Nisly will be working on an exhibition “Lives of the Served and Servers, a Documentary of 5 Non-Profit Organizations.” Photographic documentation of the volunteers working in non-profit organizations and the lives of those they touch in the Elkhart County area. The photographs and information about the organizations involved can be viewed at www.nefineart.com/photography/.

Daniel Rybicky
County:  Lake
"Almost There: A Portrait of Peter Anton" is a photography project by Dan Rybicky documenting the life and work of 78 year-old outsider artist and life-long East Chicago, Indiana resident Peter Anton. The project addresses issues of identity and legacy that arise from the collision of biography with autobiography.

Visual Arts

Scott Beam
County:  LaGrange
"Hope: USO in WWII" is marionettes fashioned in the likenesses of performers for troops in World War II in traveling USO Camp Shows. Many famous stars volunteered their time and talents to support soldiers and sailors and remind them that they would be welcomed home with open arms.

Amy Brier
County:  Monroe
Amy Brier will purchase a portable, foot pump powered scissor-lift table with a capacity of 1000 pounds. This will allow her to easily move stone in her studio and to raise and lower it for working, or moving it from a vehicle to a work surface. It will also be used in classroom and public carving demonstrations to transport stone and show how to safely handle heavy blocks of stone.

Michele Corazzo
County:  Porter
Michele Corazzo will produce and promote a number of artworks using the format of hole punches from her train ticket. This motif allows her to pursue a deeper introspective approach to her art as well as to examine basic expectations about subject matter in art.

Rob Day
County:  Marion
The Individual Artist Program grant will assist the artist in the purchase of a digital camera to document artwork and to create educational videos of the artist's working process. The digital reproductions and videos will be used as educational as well as promotional purposes to help the artist transition from a commercial illustration to fine art career.

Carole Douglas
County: Vanderburgh
Ms. Douglas will use the grant to create four paintings inspired by her native city's past. An intense color palette characteristic of her work infuses each piece, which will focus on an aspect of Evansville's past and reflects it in future tense. Using a collage-like technique, paint and pattern are interwoven into and among the larger piece. This series hopes to introduce a new view of an old world.

Barbara Fields Timm
County:  Putnam
After attending an encaustic painting workshop in Santa Fe, Barbara will use this grant to purchase supplies and equipment to pursue encaustic painting. The final stage of her project is the creation of a series of five encaustic landscapes based on her exploration of Indiana environments.

Chad J. Gallion
County: Marion
This project grant will support Chad Gallion with the travel, research, and supplies required to complete a new body of work, and it will also help him pay for exhibition space rental and promotion when he shows his new work in Indianapolis in 2011.

Gina Soo Golden
County: Marion
The grant will be used toward the cost of classical drawing and painting workshops and materials to improve skills and build a better portfolio.

Cathy A. Hillegas
County:  Floyd
Cathy Hillegas will create a series of 6 watercolor paintings entitled, "Hiding In Plain Sight: Nature's Unseen Treasures." These will depict tiny microcosms of natural beauty that are often overlooked.

Mary Kramer
County:  Vigo
Through this project the artist will continue development of the "Border Series," oil and beeswax paintings based on small tracts of land found at borders of countries, states and between pueblos and counties. She will also research and develop a new series called "Ghost Borders," based on boundaries that have been altered or no longer exist. Both series are about the powerful imaginary constraints, juxtaposed against the innocent continuity of the land. The works will be publicly exhibited.

Read our interview with Mary.

Angela Leed
County:  Marshall
"Manufactured Community" is a collection of pastel drawings focused on the strength and plasticity of the bonds created within and beyond the assembly lines of Northern Indiana. From the microcosmic relationships developed within taped lines of each department to the grander social ties these plants have with local retail merchants, churches, and school systems, there exists a solid, intertwined human connection that defines this area.

Nina L. McCoy
County: Marion
McCoy will create a series of 15 portraits of black Indians called "Re-Envisioning the Sacred Circle: Images of America's Black Indians". The acrylic paintings will be created on round canvases, evoking the drum, an instrument that is central to both African and Native American cultures. The images will also incorporate artifacts and symbols from both cultures, including textiles, beads, shells and feathers.

Heather A. Murray
County:  St. Joseph
Heather Murray will use the Individual Artist Program grant to purchase of a slab roller and materials to assist in creating sculptural work on the theme of animal relationships and emotions.

Judith Odell
County:  Marion
Jude Odell is a ceramic artist and teacher. She is buying a digital SLR camera and lights with diffusers to document her personal artwork and the community murals and installations she facilitates. She will use the images she takes to create a website. Inviting students and program participants to an art opening and to view the website with images of both their work and hers, she will present a complete picture of working artists and artists in the community.

Cynthia A. O'Dell
County:  Putnam
Cindy O’Dell will create a new photo/video installation titled "First Breath, Last Breath" which will interweave photographs, audio and video of the death of her father and the birth of her daughter. O’Dell’s goal is to move beyond flat photographic works, to create art based in three-dimensional, multi-media, immersive environments. By adopting this new format she hopes to enhance the viewer’s ability to empathize with the subject matter and create a greater emotional impact.

Elke Pessl
County:  Monroe
Elke Pessl is planning to produce a new body of hybrid work incorporating camera-less photography, digital output, and traditional processes of drawing and printmaking. This work will continue her interest in how technological advancements in science impact our understanding of time and space.

John P. Scarpa
County:  Pike
John Scarpa is an artistic welder who creates caricature sculptures out of copper, steel, and other brazable materials. He is available for workshops and demonstrations of his techniques, and will also be teaching various Metalsmithing and Coppersmithing classes at Vincennes University Jasper and The Copper Box. His art is available for purchase at various local venues, and he can be contacted through his website, http://www.jmscarpa.com/ for sculpture requests and projects.

Susan W. Showalter
County: Brown
The Identification and Documentation of Disabled Artists in Brown County, Indiana Project will identify up to 5 disabled artists residing and working in southern Indiana. Through narratives and photographs, their personal stories of how they readjusted their lives and continue to be artists will be told by Photographer Susan W. Showalter, disabled since 1998.

Steven W. Sickles
County: Marion
This project is conceived to cover the cost of the construction of five large scale canvases. These panels will allow the further exploration of the abstract-expressionistic style favored by the artist. These canvases, by virtue of their size, are intended as public works.

Artur Silva
County:  Marion
Pancadao is a project that will document the Baile Funk events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Bring to Indianapolis a visual perspective of this transformative cultural phenomenon.

Debra J. Spanger
County: Lawrence
Alice Neel: The Woman and The Work. Spangler will give an inspiring lecture and presentation about the life and career of Alice Neel, the American artist who chronicled the internal landscape of the people of the 20th century through blood, sweat and paint.

Lynette K. Waters-Whitesell
County:  Blackford
Lynette K. Waters-Whitesell is a mixed media visual artist who will use the IAC Individual Artist Grant to purchase an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 giclée printer. This piece of digital equipment will enable her to print professional digital transfers of ephemera and photographs, to produce giclée prints of her paintings entitled Casual Confrontations, and to print and promote her art with a portfolio in order to seek galleries and shows for representation.

Peter Williams
County:  Vigo
"Explosion of a City" is a multimedia installation artwork that poetically interprets the rapid political, cultural, social and economic changes taking place in Beijing, China. The project incorporates an experimental-documentary approach, with photographs, audio, generative animations and sculptural elements.

Sala Wong
County:  Vigo
Sala Wong will use the IAC grant to help fund her public digital art project that will involve the projection of images and texts onto a decrepit grain elevator in Terre Haute, Indiana. The project is about time, history and place. Her project will depict the elusiveness of time and its constant relation to our everyday lives.