Arts Trust & License Plate

Your purchase of an Arts Trust license plate will do more than decorate your vehicle or motorcycle; it will secure continuous funding for the arts in Indiana. Arts Trust license plates are available at any branch office of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and can also be ordered online. There is no special application or authorization form needed to obtain an Arts Trust license plate, and they are available to all Hoosier motorists.

For more information, visit the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

Cost & Donation  

The cost of the plate is $40. A donation of $25 will go to the IAC Cultural Trust Fund and the additional $15 covers BMV registration fees.

About the Cultural Trust Fund

The Cultural Trust Fund was created through legislative action in 1997, establishing a vehicle with which the IAC can enhance the funding, encouraging, promoting, and expanding of the arts in Indiana through financial resources outside the agency's biennial budget. The IAC Cultural Trust Fund is a proactive means of ensuring future financial support to Hoosier communities to enhance cultural resources for the benefit of their citizens. Moneys generated through the fund would be used to augment, not replace, appropriations from the Indiana General Assembly to the IAC.

A seven-member Cultural Trust Fund Administrative Board oversees the management of the funds as well as develop fund-raising strategies. The Board is comprised of three members appointed by the bi-partisan IAC; three members would be appointed by the Governor; and the Treasurer of the State of Indiana or designee, will also serve as a member.

The Administrative Board develops investment and fund-raising policies and guidelines and will also acquire funds from public and private sources. The State Treasurer administers and invests the money in the fund. Interest and dividends from the investment of the funds will be appropriated annually to the IAC. As with any public or private foundation, the IAC and the Cultural Trust Fund Administrative Board must comply with applicable state and federal laws regarding fund management and allocations. Allocation of these funds to communities is based upon customer input through a strategic planning process. The funds may not be used for the purchase of land or permanent facilities.

Enacting Legislation: House Enrolled Act No. 1358