Fiscal Year 2007 Individual Artist Program Grantees

The Individual Artist Program grant supports individual artists for specific project-related costs. Eligible projects are purposely left flexible to respond to artists' ideas, dreams, and needs, however, the goal of this program is to aid the artists' career development.

Scott Anderson Scott Anderson, Hartford City
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund Scott's painting supplies as well as travel to museums to conduct research. He plans to develop new imagery and surface applications and a more collective abstract language.
Iventa Asons Iveta Asons, Fishers
Asons will use her grant to preserve traditional Latvian-American music found only on vinyl records and audio cassettes. She will purchase equipment to enhance audio for use in live performances, including the 2007 U.S. Latvian Song and Dance Festival, held in Indianapolis.
William Baer William Baer, Evansville
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund three weeks of uninterrupted translating. William is in the process of translating the modern Brazilian sonnets of Vinícius de Moraes, who wrote The Girl from Ipanema.
Karen Baldner Karen Baldner, Bloomington
Baldner will hold a workshop for children at her studio and document the event in a short movie, which will air on local television. An IAC grant will facilitate both the workshop and enable her to produce the documentary.
Victoria Barrett Victoria Barrett, Indianapolis
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund two weeks of full-time writing for author Victoria Barrett. Barrett's goal is to complete 2 chapters for a new novel, Mrs. Boone County.
James Beckel James Beckel, Indianapolis
The Individual Artist grant will fund composer James Beckel for the preparation of a new orchestral work, "Toccata for Orchestra", to be played by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in the spring of 2007. This support includes marketing the work for future performances.
Rosalie Becker Rosalie Becker, Fort Wayne
Rosalie is a classical soprano who has recorded Yiddish Art songs for soprano and piano. She has won a 2007 Individual Artist grant to finish editing, prepare a multi-lingual booklet, and finish a CD for distribution.
Janet Bloch Janet Bloch, Chesterton
Janet is creating a series of paintings of the Northwest Indiana landscape. She will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to fund the custom built wood panels and to document the paintings on slides and CD to submit for exhibitions.
Charles Browicz Charles Borowicz, Greenfield
Borowicz won an 2007 Individual Artist grant to compile his project, Priests. It is a photographic essay that highlights the humanity that resides alongside the vows of any priest.
Craig Brenner Craig Brenner, Bloomington
Pianist Craig will use his 2007 Individual Artist grant to study under two preeminent boogie woogie and blues piano players, Bob Seeley and Big Joe Duskin. He will also join them in performance during a festival in Bloomington that Craig will organize.
Dayle Brown Dayle Brown, Mishawaka
Dayle will use her 2007 Individual Artist grant to research, write and illustrate her next book from series Skylore from Planet Earth. Dayle has been a planetarium education specialist for 20 years, and this book will teach children about the Milky Way.
Katherine Burke Katherine Burke, Lafayette
Funded by a 2007 IAC grant, Burke will represent Indiana and the U.S. as a co-presenter of a program demonstrating methods of using theatre to create dialogue about challenging social issues, specifically violence. The presentation will take place at the Conference on New Directions in the Humanities in Tunisia
James Campbell James Campbell, Bloomington
James has recently expanded his wall sculptures to include materials such as hardwoods, aluminum and glass. The Individual Artist grant will fund higher density tools, including a drill press, to facilitate the incorporation of these new materials into his work
Bernie Carreno Bernie Carreño, Indianapolis
What artist doesn't need a belt grinder? Bernie is an accomplished iron caster who has developed the technique of using hardware, rather than welding, to join segments of sculpture. The IAC will fund a belt grinder for him to perfect this process.
Alice Carver-Kubik Alice Carver-Kubik, Lafayette
The 2007 Individual Artist grant funded a video camera for Alice's contemporary art project. She will create a series of videos that confront relationships between social minorities and our mainstream visual culture.
Robert Conn II Robert Conn II, Portage
Conn plans to complete the photography project "Roadside Crosses", a series of 10 large prints of memorials on the sides of Indiana roads. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund a digital camera
No image available Curtis Crisler, Fort Wayne
Curtis will use the 2007 Individual Artist funding to finalize his poetry project high notes/low ceilings. These poems chronicle the voices, personas, and characters through Gary and Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Charlie Cummings Charlie Cummings, Fort Wayne
Charlie will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to fund the creation and solo exhibition of his ceramic artwork in his Fort Wayne gallery.
D. DelReverda Jennings D. DelReverda-Jennings, Indianapolis
With help from a 2007 Individual Artist grant, this visual artist will develop, design, and print promotional materials documenting her mixed media textural abstract work to market her work professionally.
Ruth Droppo Ruth Droppo, Bloomington
Ruth will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to build a musical instrument used by Sudanese refugees in Kenya during the Sudanese Civil War, and to document the making process.
Miriam Eck Miriam Eck, Osceola
Miriam is compiling a photo essay about how water has accomplished the Midwest's natural beauty. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will help fund travel to various sites as well as printing and matting costs.
Peg Eiya Peg Eiya, Bloomington
Peg has developed a unique art form that she calls WoodArt. She is continually experimenting with new techniques and the 2007 Individual Artist grant will provide her with an archival quality printer to further this process.
Barbara Fields Timm Barbara Fields Timm, Reelsville
Barbara will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to fund marketing and supplies for a series of paintings on movement through water. She will use sketches from her kayaking trips that feature the Indiana landscape.
No image available Jacqueline Frey, Bloomington
The IAP grant will send Jacqueline to an outdoor watercolor workshop in Maine to study under master watercolorist, Fredrick Graff. She plans to enhance her traditional techniques with Graff's impressionistic influence and landscapes beyond her native Indiana.
Lydia Gerbig-Fast Lydia Gerbig-Fast, Fort Wayne
As a jewelry artist, Lydia will use a 2007 Individual Artist grant to study under master enamelist Linda Darty at the Touchstone Center for Crafts. She plans on making a new series of work with the techniques she learns.
Eugene Gloria Eugene Gloria, Greencastle
Eugene is writing a manuscript focusing on the dual theme of diaspora and cultural identity which will require travel for research. The IAC will not only fund part of his travel, but also will encourage him to take risks with his writing by taking on a challenging project.
Jill Godmilow Jill Godmilow, South Bend
Jill received funding from the IAC to make the final cut of her short film The Student and the Colonel. The film is a melodramatic parable of animal activism told in a whimsical style.
Brooke Grace Brooke Grace, Evansville
The 2007 Individual Artist Grant will fund the framing and matting of Brooke's solo photography exhibit at Synchronicity Gallery in Evansville, Indiana. The series will be self-portraits taken in local abandoned spaces.
Marie Greenlee Marie Greenlee, Indianapolis
Dance Kaleidoscope dancer Mariel will receive a 2007 Individual Artist grant to study at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.
Elizabeth Guipe Hall Elizabeth Guipe Hall, Indianapolis
Elizabeth uses an ancient method of painting with wax called encaustic painting and combines it with modern and digital techniques and materials. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will allow her to attend an encaustic workshop and complete two series of this unique art form.
Kelly Harrington Kelly Harrington, South Bend
Everyone needs a spot of their own. The IAC has granted funding for materials for Kelly to convert her garage into a painting studio, which will increase her productivity.
No image available Greg Harris, Tell City
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will help fund a power drill and site preparation for Greg's public sculpture. It will stand at the entrance of Eagle's Bluff park in Perry, Indiana.
Jessical Held Jessica Held, West Lafayette
During a recent residency, Jessica discovered new painting techniques and has expanded her portfolio. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will allow her to document her new works by funding a digital camera.
Monika Herzig Monika Herzig, Bloomington
The 2007 Individual Artist Grant will allow jazz musician Monika Herzig to document her repertoire in a traditional jazz trio. She will produce a CD and perform live release concerts to promote her work.
David Hochoy David Hochoy, Indianapolis
As Artistic Director of Dance Kaleidoscope, David needs to be in tune with the dance world at large. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will help fund his trip to NYC where he will take classes and attend performances.
Sean  Hoffman Sean Hoffman, Syracuse
The IAC will fund the mixing, mastering, and replication for a CD collection of original Irish dance music. This project is a collaboration of Sean (violin) and Nolan Ladewski (Irish whistles).
No image available Ray Horton, Floyds Knobbs
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will help fund composer Raymond Horton's time and marketing materials for The Indiana Amish: A Musical Quilt. This will be woven from the musical heritage of Indiana Amish and written for British-style brass band.
Kalynn Huffman Kalynn Huffman Brower, Ellettsville
The IAC has granted funding for writing time for Kalynn to draft a feature-length screenplay called "Green Tara". The futuristic setting will be a fantastic storyworld for high drama.
Jeanne Hutchinson Jeanne Hutchinson, Poland
Jeanne will use her 2007 Individual Artist grant to purchase a hydraulic lift table for moving 50 to 550 pound bronze sculptures. The lift will allow her both to apply the patina, as well as transport the piece to its destination.
No image available Liza Hyatt, Indianapolis
Liza Hyatt has been working with poet Fran Quinn for a year to fine-tune her poetry book, Sudden Vistas. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will help send her to New York for a workshop with Mr. Quinn and for opportunities to work with other poets.
Dennis Ichiyama Dennis Ichiyama, West Layfayette
Typography and printing expert Dennis Ichiyama will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to document and exhibit a historic wood type collection owned by a Hoosier native.
Petar Jankovic Petar Jankovic, Bloomington
The Individual Artist grant will fund recording equipment for Petar's live classical guitar CD. The CD will highlight 25-30 concerts in his 2006-2007 season.
Wes Janz Wes Janz, Indianapolis
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund Wes' research and travel for preparation for an installation exploring society's "leftovers". The travel will include a visit to Dempster Dumpster company in Knoxville and meetings with co-designer Al Frakes in Tulsa. More on the project.
Willie Johnson Willie Johnson, Georgetown
Photographer Willie Johnson will use his 2007 Individual Artist grant to print the images for his upcoming photography exhibit: "Freedom's Struggle, the Underground Railroad along the Ohio River in Indiana and Kentucky".
Joseph Kershbaum Joseph Kerschbaum, Bloomington
Peter's project, How I Lost My Arm, will be a cohesive chapbook of poems dealing with change and loss. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund his participation at the Hill House Writers Retreat to guide this project to completion.
Sarah Kilfoil Sarah Kilfoil, Indianapolis
Sarah is in the process of writing a children's fantasy fiction novel titled By Salt and Stone. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will her to attend two writer's conferences to workshop and promote her book.
Sharon Kirk Clifton Sharon Kirk Clifton, North Vernon
Sharon is an award-winning story teller who recently developed a program on Indiana's Underground Railroad. With the 2007 IAP grant, she will purchase a computer to translate her research into a young adult novel entitled The Second Celler.
Dwandra Lampkin Dwandra Lampkin, Muncie
As a theatre professor at Ball State, Dwandra will direct the racially sensitive play The Colored Museum. She will use the IAP grant to visit Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem in preparation for this project.
Brooke Marks Swanson Brooke Marks Swanson, Indianapolis
Brook specializes in copper wall hangings and will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to translate her works into porcelain. She will gain knowledge and produce the pieces in September 2006 in Poland, during the International Porcelain Symposium.
Lilly Marsh Lilly Marsh, West Layfayette
Lilly Marsh will use the 2007 IAP grant to further her career as a professional weaver. She will take courses on the AVL loom (which she purchased in 2005) to exploit its full capacities and of production and design.
Chrlene Marsh Charlene Marsh, Nashville
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund the framing 30 of Charlene's new plein air oil paintings. The paintings will feature the forest in Brown County along Sciscoe Creek and painted entirely on location.
Mark Masse Mark Massé, Muncie
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will fund writing time for Mark to work on his next novel, "Whatever Comes". It will be a mainstream comedic novel set in the Midwest.
Kaz McCue Kaz McCue, Terre Haute
Kaz will use her 2007 IAP funding to produce a professional catalogue take the next step in her visual arts career. She will hire author and art critic Judy Collischan to write an essay and print the twelve page, four color publication.
Peggy Melchior Pearson Peggy Melchior Pearson, Greenwood
Peggy will receive a 2007 Individual Artist grant to fund postage and printing of marketing and educational materials for her new puppet theatre production. The show "Peewinkle Meets Punch" guides children through the history of puppetry.
Susan Moore Susan Moore, South Bend
The IAC will fund the film, processing, printing, and travel for Susan to compile a series of photography highlighting the Southwest US. This will take a nod from her most recent Midwest landscape project.
Marcy Neiditz Marcy Neiditz, Bloomington
Marcy will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to purchase a computerized electric kiln, kiln shelves, and wiring to give her more accuracy in firing her work. She creates ceramic vessels and sculptures with a multiple glazing process.
Patrica Nelson Patrica Nelson, Muncie
As a jewelry designer and metal artist, Patricia will use her Individual Artist grant to purchase sheet metal and wire for a new series of pieces. The pieces will combine plant, animal, and mathematics elements in enamel and silver.
Jennifer Petro Jennifer Petro, Indianapolis
Due to impassable roads caused be Indiana's blizzard of 1978, Petro was born on the living room floor of her parents' house. She has been fascinated with the stories of the snowstorm since and will document memories of those who experienced it with her grant.
Guatam Rao Gautam Rao, Indianapolis
Full of civic pride for his West Indianapolis neighborhood, Gautam will paint a series of paintings of the subject onsite, rain or shine. The Individual Artist grant will fund the canvas and oil paint for this endeavor.
Yelena Rasolka Yahontova Yelena Rasolka Yahontova, Bloomington
Yelena will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to hire a designer to create a website for her fine art photography. She wants her art, specifically her Woman-Goddess series, to be separate from her portrait photography business.
Lynn Rowe Reed Lynn Rowe Reed, Fort Wayne
Lynn will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to purchase a laptop and projector for her elementary school presentations. Her presentations explain the making of a children's book from the author's point of view.
Maura Schaffer Maura Schaffer, Lafayette
Schaffer will use the 2007 IAP to project a video element on her sculptures that she created with the help of a 2005 IAP grant. She will purchase a projector and experiment with the medium to create the video images.
Andrew Scott Andrew Scott, Indianapolis
Andrew will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to fund a concentrated period of writing time for making the final revisions to a short story collection, Welcome to the Moon. The stories explore the private lives of Hoosiers.
Carol Sexton Carol Sexton, Richmond
Sculptor Carol Sexton will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to purchase an air compressor and tools. This will allow her to expand her body of work to include stone carving techniques, which she learned at the Limestone Carving Symposium.
No image available Lawrence Sexton, Richmond
Customarily a studio painter, Lawrence intends to use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to increase his skill set by attending a plein air workshop this summer in Maine.
Barbara Shoup Barbara Shoup, Indianapolis
Barbara will use an IAC grant to travel to St. Petersburg, Florida, where her novel Looking for Jack Kerouac will be set. The novel focuses on the disconnect between Kerouac's image and his life, setting the main character on his own road to a meaningful life.
Artur Silva Artur Silva, Indianapolis
Artur will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to purchase a projector and materials to continue his series of portraits depicting the urban side of Indiana. The process will be more detailed than the previous works, which were created using a tracer.
Theodore F. Skreko Theodore F. Skreko, Indianapolis
As an award-winning violin maker, Theodore intends to represent Indiana at the 2006 Violin Society of America Conference. He will use the IAC Individual Artist grant to obtain quality raw materials to produce a violin and a viola to enter into the corresponding competition, held in November.
EP Slick EP Slick, Cicero
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will help fund Slick's series of paintings based on historic Indiana racetracks of the 1920's and 1930's.
Barbara Smith Barbara Smith, Kokomo
Photographer Barbara Smith plans to use the Individual Artist grant to research and test alternative non-silver methods of image making and study embroidery. The final product will be an artists book that combines photography and collected objects.
L. Dene Stephens L. Dene Stephens, Evansville
Stephens will create a series of glass vessels using an updated version of classical Venetian technique combining filigree pick-up with glassblowing. The IAC has granted funding for an optic mold, hot plate, and a kiln to make this project possible.
Susanna Tanner Susanna Tanner, Richmond
Susanna will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to attend the Maine Photographic Workshop. She will concentrate on increasing her skills in location lighting.
R. Thomas Tedrowe, Jr. R. Thomas Tedrowe, Jr., Columbus
This accomplished furniture artist will use his 2007 Individual Artist Grant to purchase a drum sander for his wood shop. He will use the sander to design and produce unique wood vessels and expand his operation in his Brown County shop and gallery.
Kevin Titzer Kevin Titzer, Evansville
The 2007 Individual Artist grant will provide Kevin the funds to fly to Germany to collaborate with Berlin based artist April Gertler. The exhibition will be featured in both Berlin and Evansville.
No image available Lauri Turpin, Roanoke
Lauri's currently finishing a novel set in Indiana with the working title Sisters to the Rain. She will receive IAC funding to attend a writer's conference of her choice to workshop, polish, and present a final manuscript for publication.
Jaclyn Virgin Jaclyn Virgin, Indianapolis
As a dancer and a choreographer, Jaclyn will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to travel to the American Dance Festival in North Carolina. Jaclyn currently dances with the Motus Dance Theatre.
Jake Webster Jake Webster, Elkhart
Jake has developed a large body of work in his 30 years of sculpting and now needs a digital inventory of his work. He will use the 2007 IAP grant to purchase art management software and a slide scanner.
Kate Welsh Kate Welsh, Indianapolis
After co-writing and starring in the Indiana film "The Waiter", screenwriting has been a passion of Kate's. The 2007 Individual Artist grant will allow her to attend a screenwriting seminar to augment the skill set needed to write her next piece.
Kay Westhues Kay Westhues, Walkerton
Kay has been photographing contemporary rural life in Indiana for two years. Her body of work is followed on-line by hundreds of viewers and now she's ready for museums. The IAC will fund the supplies to print, mat, and frame these photos for display.
Lynette Whitesell Lynette Whitesell, Hartford City
Lynette will use the 2007 Individual Artist grant to purchase a computer and printer to complete a series combining digital print transfers and acrylic painting. The series will depict the simplicity of small town life in a progressively digital world.
Peter Williams Peter Williams, Indianapolis
The IAC will help fund Peter's project Shoot from the Hip, a series of video-enhanced belts, each with an LCD-embedded buckle and a pinhole camera at the rear.
Sala Wong Sala Wong, Terre Haute
Sala's contemporary video art project, Persistence of Absence is an interactive installation using GPS and live-feed video to investigate intersections of technology and human experience. The IAC has granted her $1000 to help fund this project.